Pillowsonic Bluetooth Pillow Speakers

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Introducing the Sleep and Sound Pillowsonic pillow speakers. These small, soft and lightweight speakers slip discreetly into your pillowcase, & with the touch of a button, you can choose from an array of sounds to help you drift off to sleep easily each night. Whether it is the sound of waves crashing on the shore, rainfall or just plain old silence, find what works for you & stick to it!

-The best part? These pillow speakers are wireless, so there are no annoying cords getting in your way as you try to get some much-needed shut-eye. They also have a rechargeable battery, so you can use them time and time again without needing new batteries each time. Simply charge them up using the included USB cable & away you go!

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Product Description

Do you sometimes struggle to wind down ready for bed? Do you find that you have a million thoughts running through your mind just before you want to drift off to sleep for the night? Does the sound of calm, peaceful sounds lulling you into a deep slumber each bedtime sound like just what you need?

Now it is time to drift off to sleep effortlessly, naturally just your pillow, your favourite sounds, and you!

WOWSERS!!! The Pillowsonic just got SOOO much better

Pillowsonic was designed as a quality audio accessory for your pillow. And now, with our new Bluetooth Controller, it is much more versatile.

The World’s Most Comfortable Bedtime Audio Experience

Private listening without head phones or ear buds.

  • Relax,
  • Relieve Stress & Anxiety
  • Sleep Better
  • Mask Tinnitus
  • Learn While Asleep



Our new controller offers much better volume, and a built-in Digital Player with a 2+ hour preloaded playlist of sounds and music for relaxation, which can be totally customised by YOU! You can easily add or change the entire program to load your own favourite playlist.

What’s more, the inclusion of the digital player adds the excitement and convenience of instant gratification, for the system can perform even if there’s no Bluetooth device to stream from!!!

The Controller also includes a Built-in Digital Player with a 1GB memory card (easily storing 100+ sound- tracks and upgradable to up to 8GB), preloaded with a 2+hr. playlist of sounds and music for relaxation (which you can easily change to your liking).

But Wait, There’s MORE!

The controller also has an optional “Sleep Mode” which, when activated, lowers volume automatically after 30 minutes and shuts off after 15 more minutes to save battery life!

Its BT V5 technology quickly pairs with compatible devices to stream soundtracks from mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc.

The built-in battery is a 500 mAh lithium battery, which recharges fully in 1.5 hrs and plays for 6-9 hrsPillowsonic Bluetooth Pillow Speakers!
As always, it will continue to include a 6’ extension cable with 3.5 mm jack port. 


Pillowsonic Bluetooth Pillow Speakers

New Product Release! I’m so flipping excited about this new release!

The Pillowsonic just got even BETTER!!!

You are about to order Pillowsonic with our new Bluetooth Receiver, allowing you to connect Pillowsonic both ways — to popular players with the 3.5 mm jack, as well as via Bluetooth with other Bluetooth compatible devices PLUS you can stream your programming of choice, wireless, from up to 30 ft!

Our NEW Bluetooth Controller Offers:

  • Bluetooth  – Version 5 technology
  • Built-in 1 GB Digital Player with a 2+ hour pre-recorded playlist with sounds of nature and music for relaxation. You can easily change the pre-recorded programming to your liking, by deleting and/or adding up to approximately 100 Soundtracks. The memory card of the Digital Player can be upgraded to up to 8 GB.
  • Volume enhancement electronics
    Sleep function that reduces your preset volume after 30 minutes and gradually decreases it to a complete auto shut-off, to save battery energy
  • 500mAh battery with 6 hours of constant play life
  • Headphones port
  • External sound source port
  • Audio Out port for additional Pillowsonic simultaneous connection
  • Standard 3.5 mm jack Aux In, to connect other non-Bluetooth devices, like iPod, MP3 or CD Players, Sound Machines, etc.

Placed under your pillow, Pillowsonic delivers audio with absolute clarity, at intimate, safe volume levels, with sound emerging from within, without the need for headphones or earbuds.

You will not realise anything is there, except for the sound that caresses your senses in total comfort for the best bedtime audio experience.

Bedtime Never Felt So Good!

Pillowsonic will help create for you the most comfortable bedtime audio experience around. No uncomfortable headphones, no tangled wires, no ear buds that hurt or fall out through the night disturbing your precious sleep.

Listen to your favourite music, podcast, audio book, white noise sounds, Pandora, Spotify and more whilst you drift off to sleep.

Pillowsonic allows you to connect to all popular audio players with its standard 3.5 mm jack.

BUT…. We are excited to share with you, that now you can now pair your Pillowsonic with your favoured Bluetooth compatible device.

The new Bluetooth receiver enables you to stream your favourite sound of choice, wirelessly, up to 9 m away through your new inbuilt pillow stereo micro speakers.

Crystal Clear, Stereo Sound from within Your Pillow

  • Relax
  • Fall Asleep Easier & Faster
  • Relieve Stress
  • Manage Pain and Anxiety
  • Mask Tinnitus
  • Treat Insomnia, Depression, Addiction



Product Features

  • 210 cm audio cable
  • Convenient In-line volume control
  • Standard 3.5 mm plug to fit all consumer audio players (You can also buy 3.5 mm – smartphone adaptors).
  • No batteries or power source needed. Just plug to your sound source and play
  • Size – 10 x 30 x 2 cm
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty – 12 months
  • Music Player not included
  • Bluetooth Receiver
  • Micro Stereo Speakers – High Quality Sound

Placed under your pillow, Pillowsonic delivers audio with absolute clarity, at intimate, safe volume levels, with sound emerging from within your pillow without headphones or ear buds.

Customise Your Sleep Experience

Enjoy the high-quality sound of your own private sound therapy pillow speakers every night!

You will not realise anything is there, except for the sound that caresses your senses in total comfort for the best bedtime audio experience.

Unlike traditional headphones, sound headbands or ear buds, Pillowsonic does not  isolate you from other at-times-critical ambient sounds, like a knock at the door, an alarm, a call from help from someone in another room, intruders, etc.

The speakers require no power or batteries, so there are no worries about tangled cords or the battery dying during the night—the speakers run directly off your chosen music player

Perfect For

  • These pillow speakers are ideal for:
    • Children, who can listen to their favourite music or audiobooks—an excellent tool for learning foreign languages
    • Teenagers, to enjoy their own music without disturbing others
    • Insomniacs, for playing light music or nature sounds to help relax them to sleep
    • People of all ages seeking to relax and relieve tension and stress

Soothing for all ages

Soothing for ALL Ages

Neonatal units are attesting that “Musical Medicine” has proven helpful for a faster recovery of premature and young babies.

Stress & Anxiety Relief

Stress & Anxiety Relief

Music can have a profound effect on both the emotions and the body. A slower tempo can quiet your mind and relax your muscles, making you feel soothed while releasing the stress of the day. Music is effective for relaxation and stress management.

Insomnia, learning

Insomnia & Learning

The music-sleep connection has been supported in studies all over the world. It perfectly for anyone wanting to achieve a blissful night of sleep. Music even helps people with schizophrenia get some shut-eye.

Pain, Tinnitus, and more

Pain, Tinnitus, and More

Music has the power to soothe, inspire, energise, and uplift. Research shows it can also help manage pain in people who are living with chronic pain. Music therapy for pain management is offered by many pain clinics and cancer centres, and helps many people find solace and relief.

Easy To Use

You simply

  • Insert the thin soft foam Pillowsonic either inside or under your pillow case.
  • Attach it to your preferred audio source, and Voilà!

With the new Bluetooth receiver, you simply pair with your chosen device and boom, the sweet sounds appear

  • Private sound
  • Absolute Comfort 
  • Inconspicuous
  • Un-obstructive
  • Safe & Versatile
  • Total Comfort & Pure Joy!

Quality Sounding Speaker

Our stereo speaker for under the pillow has been the internet best-selling pillow speaker since 2001. It works connecting it with its 3.5 mm jack to popular players (smartphones, iPods, computers, radio, etc.) And NOW with the latest updated Bluetooth Controller!

Our new Bluetooth Controller, lets you pair and stream and or download your favourite audio sounds, up to a distance of 30 metres.

Pillowsonic delivers quality sound at intimate volume levels, so that it can surround you with soft sound emerging from within your pillow, or caress your senses with just a touch of sound that only you can hear, without troubling your sleeping partner.

New Design

Designed with new acoustic soft foam, which not only ensures that you are the only one to hear the sounds from within without disturbing your partner, but it helps to amplify sound for evenly quality listening. It also stops the speaker from slipping around inside your pillow like other cheap models that do not have this soft, padded surround.

The light and soft foam casing is totally removable, which allows it to be washed easily, and won’t lose its shape, form or texture.

Pillowsonic – A Sound System For Your Pillow!

Drift off with peaceful calming music, the sound of the ocean, whooshing white noise, sounds of nature, or any other audio sound to help you get your slumber.


Drift away in Comfort to your Favourite Sounds

Transform your favourite pillow into a soothing sleep station with the Pillowsonic Pillow Speakers. These slim profile speakers, which include an in-line volume control located conveniently on the cord, slip easily under or inside your pillowcase. So you can listen to your preferred music or sounds without resorting to uncomfortable headphones or ear buds.

Unlimited Sound Environment Possibilities!

Turn any pillow into a Sleep Therapy Pillow with our ultra-thin stereo speakers-now with inline volume control. Simply place under your existing pillow and enjoy your favourite music or sounds for optimal relaxation and comfort. Use with standard or king-size pillows. Use with CD players, iPods, iPhones, iPads, most MP3 players, TVs etc. It does not require batteries or power.



5 reviews for Pillowsonic Bluetooth Pillow Speakers

  1. Todd, Saratoga, NSW

    I love listening to music to help me get to sleep, but my partner does not. I don’t like wearing headphones to bed because I get tangled in the cord and they are not comfortable when I roll on my side.
    I can adjust the volume so the music does not annoy my partner and I easily drift off to sleep!

  2. Misha, Wynnum, QLD

    I love to fall asleep listening to music and relaxation downloads on my iPhone, however it annoys my husband and he can’t get to sleep. I tried using earphones but I would always wake up through the night because I’d fallen asleep with the earphones in my ears and they would then be uncomfortable and my ears would hurt. I also got tangled in the cable.
    I then came upon these pillow speakers through Sleep Buddy and they are just what I have been looking for!!
    They sound is surpisingly very clear and totally volume adjustable. They’re great and I would highly recommend them to anyone!

  3. Dave, Mossman, NSW

    I suffer from tinnitus and have a lot of trouble getting to sleep at night.
    I plug these into my phone and listen to my relaxation music and I’m off to sleep in no time.
    Best of all it doesn’t disrupt my wife from getting to sleep either as she can’t hear it.
    Great product, thanks for your support also, much appreciated.

  4. Noel Oakey, Lakelands, Western Australia

    This product was easy to set up and provided me with the sound needed for sleep without the distraction of earplugs falling out or the sound being uncontrolled. The in-line volume control is a great asset.

  5. Gary Noble, Newcastle

    I ordered this product late one afternoon and it was on my doorstep the next morning!
    Great little product!
    I can’t get to sleep without music and earphones hurt my ears after too long.
    This is the perfect solution.

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