Ear Muffs

Loud noise is harmful to your ears and can cause permanent hearing damage. Any regular and prolonged time to noise over 70dB (decibels) can cause damage your ears. The louder the noise the shorter the time it takes for hearing loss to occur.

Unlike Ugg earmuffs or winter earmuffs from Kmart, which keep your ears warm in the cold, noise cancelling earmuffs can be worn all year round and have a much more important role of protecting your hearing.

Hearing protection earmuffs are the quickest and simplest way to protect your ears from harmful sounds wherever you may be.

Earmuffs for Work

The Safe Work Australia Governmentwebsite states that “Work-related noise-induced hearing loss is a preventable but irreversible condition that affects many Australian workers. Between 28–32% of the Australian workforce is likely to work in an environment where they are exposed to loud noise at work.

The trouble these days is that many people are exposed to loud noise not only at work but also at home and during the weekends in everyday life. Whats more, people are not protecting their ears, which invariably is increasing the number of people suffering from hearing loss.

Earmuffs for Children & Babies

Sleep and Sound stock a range of quality earmuffs for kids, women and men and even specially designed earmuffs for babies.

How often do you mow your lawns, use a leaf blower or hairdryer? Do you break out the drill, chainsaw or other power tools on the weekend for a bit of DIY around the home? Teens seem are exposed to loud music everywhere they go, from personal headphones, in their cars, to nightclubs and concerts. Choosing not to protect your ears in loud environments will put your hearing at risk.

People who are exposed to any extended periods of noise above 85 decibels must wear hearing protection earmuffs or earplugs.

How Loud is Too Loud

Any noise above 120dB in one short blast within close range can cause you immediate irreversible hearing loss. 

Once the cells in your ears have been damaged there is no way that they can be repaired. To put things in perspective, if a person has even mild to moderate hearing loss they can struggle to clearly hear sounds under 70 decibels. Knowing this, why would anyone NOT want to protect their ears and preserve their hearing at any chance they could?

Decibels          Noise

10                    Breathing

30                    Leaves Rustling

40                    Whispered Conversation

60                    Normal Conversation

85                    Bus or City Traffic

90                    Hairdryers or Leaf Blowers

100                  Sporting Event

105                  Construction Site

110                  Night Club, Rock Concert or Chain Saws

115                  iPod or Smart Phone (at peak volume)

120                  Jack Hammer or Siren

140                  Gun Shot or Jet Take-off (at 30m)

160                  Fireworks

If you are working with Power Tools or even doing lawn work around the house, you should definitely be protecting your ears from noise if you do not want hearing loss to occur. If you are at a nightclub or concert, you could potentially expose yourself to damage in less than 2 mins.

Earmuffs for Sleeping

Whilst some people choose to wear noise cancelling earmuffs to block noise and help them sleep, in this instance we always recommend earplugs for sleeping. Earplugs give you the freedom to move around comfortably in your bed at night and allow you to happily sleep on your side.

Pillow Speakers are a great way to listen to soothing music comfortably to help you sleep.

Earmuffs for Musicians

On the stage or in the studio, nothing gives you a kick like making music. Preferably at a high volume, right? Do you always wear good hearing protection? Considering that as a musician, your hearing is probably your most important sense, it’s better to protect it well.

An average drum kit easily produces 100 decibels of sound, If you listen to this for longer than seven minutes, you are at a high risk of damaging your hearing.

Alpine MusicSafe Earmuffs for Musicians have been custom made for drummers and musicians by because permanent hearing damage is irreparable but it is preventable!

Noise Blocking Earmuff with Audio

Sync is a stereo earmuff that provides a high level of hearing protection, high-fidelity sound, and allows you to listen to portable audio devices safely at work and at home.

Stylish Ear Muffs For All Situations

Regardless of the scenario, our ear muffs provide an ideal way to protect your ears from the potential damage caused by the sounds of the modern world. Ours are the most comfortable, well-fitting, and robust solutions on the market.

Various style and colour options will ensure you still look the part throughout those daily activities. Many options include ear plugs too, ensuring that your ears are completely protected at all times. Alternatively, options with individually moving pieces for each ear give complete control, allowing you to leave one ear uncovered if needed.

Take a look at the full range here, or contact our team to discuss the possibilities today!

Ever had ringing in your ears?

Have you ever been to a loud concert and later experienced a ringing sound in your ears?

This is called tinnitus.

What is tinnitus?

It is a feeling of ringing, hissing, roaring, buzzing or static in your ears. Being exposed to loud noise causes this condition.

Coldplay singer and rhythm guitarist Chris Martin recently revealed that he suffers from tinnitus. He has sound and simple advise for us all and our children “Be sure to wear hearing protection.”

By the time Chris Martin was 25 years old he had sadly already noticed the irreversible effects of hearing damage.

& have rebranded and have now become Sleep and Sound!