We do have some pretty exciting news. Why are we so excited?

Marpac (one of our favored suppliers & not to mention the No 1 manufacturer of White Noise Machines worldwide – for over 50 years!) has just released a brand new white noise machine.

I have to say that I am honestly so blooming impressed!

I’ve not been this excited about a product in some time.

The Dohm White Noise Machine has been no. 1 in white noise machines since it was invented & has never been overtaken by any other manufacturer or the sound machine for quality and effectiveness.

Well… I think that that is all about to change.

What we know that YOU will love about the HUSHH…

  • PORTABLE – You can literally attach it to the side of your baby’s pram, their portacot, car seat, your bedhead, anywhere!
  • RECHARGEABLE – convenient USB charging cable
  • ADJUSTABLE SOUND & VOLUME: There are three (3) different and VERY relaxing sound options for you to choose from – The Ocean, Deep White Noise, or Bright White Noise – BRILLIANT! All with a wide range of volume settings
  • SOOTHING – It is so soothing that it will ease anyone off to sleep
  • MASKS NOISE – No need to worry about anyone (or anything) waking you or your baby, even when you’re out & about!
  • NIGHTLIGHT – Amber LED light – nightlight provides just enough light to see without being too bright – can switch this off too.
  • EASY TO USE – So easy to use, it took me 1 minute to work it out, plus you can change functions, sound et al. l with just one hand.
  • WARRANTY – Backed by a one-year limited factory warranty and the always exceptional Marpac customer service promise.

It really is brilliant.

I love it, and I am so excited because I know that it will be the answer to many sleepless nights for many!

I really do believe that Marpacs Hushh White Noise Machine alone or coupled with your favorite ear plugs would do the trick in getting you a good night’s sleep and blocking any distracting noise.

Here is some more info – check it out now! Click here