sleep sheep

Oh Please! Don’t tell me, you’re still counting sheep to put yourself to sleep!!

Well! Count no more, here are 10 amazing reasons why you need to get a white noise machine to sleep better.

Firstly, What is White noise exactly ?

Well, let me put it in simple words, it smoothens harsh and loud background sounds. This reduces the intensity of background noise, enabling us to better sleep through the night. Just like rain drops, fan sound, thunder rains, sound of waterfall, birds chirping, and ocean waves have a constant soothing noise that makes us feel relaxed. White noise machine works the same way, generating a series of low frequency sounds facilitating better sleep.

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Tunes your Biorhythm

White noise machine sets up our biological clock, telling our brains to calm those stressed nerves. It smoothly trains the brain, it’s for bed. We wake up boosting with energy . Creating a regular routine also helps you to stay focused and be energetic throughout the day.


Do you know there’s a pleasant way to scream “Just go to bed already!”  : I will gift this to my crazy neighbour, whose fruit juicer sounds at 1am. White noise machine minimises any sudden and high frequency noises that might hinder your sleep. This helps you to peacefully sleep for longer hours.

Dohm White NoiseYou need the right noise for a sound sleep

Noise-sound sleep, doesn’t make sense together, right?. Well, surprisingly, they fit in perfectly. The white noise machine actually generates the sound our brain needs to get a good sleep. Soothing sounds helps to associate the brain to calm the nerves. At times, I wish it would rain at night. Slight rain and thunder sounds create soothing sounds that relax our brains. White noise makes a similar continuous sound of relaxation. There are many settings of sounds which you can choose. You can work out which music is comforting for you and play throughout the night.

Put a Beauty mask to disturbing sounds: White machine helps you to mask all the disturbing sounds like, that crazy neighbours’ dog which barks throughout the night. The best part is, this machine is perfectly portable, assuring you good sleep wherever you go. White noise machine blocks out those disturbing sounds which interrupt your sound sleep.

Hear the colours of sleep : Strange as it sounds, there are 2 colours of noise that can help us sleep better: Pink Noise and White noise. While pink noise turns all high frequency tones into low frequency. White noise machine maintains the same frequency throughout the night.

Meet your New DJ at night:

White noise machine sets a perfect tone and cancels those unwanted noises around. So you sleep longer hours and wake up feeling absolutely fresh and energetic. Sleeping for long hours helps strengthen our immune system. Sleeping also helps the brain to delete the unnecessary data we have accumulated during the day. Just like we have a delete button on our computers, our brain cells have delete buttons run by Microglial Cells. These cells dust off the dirt and sparkle the brain, that’s the reason we feel fresh and energised after  a good long sleep.

mom and baby sleepingMum needs it more than a baby:

Babies have a cute way of attracting all the attention as soon as they arrive. Putting a baby to sleep is like battling a war with invisible forces. White noise machines are the perfect weapon for this war. Babies are light sleepers. Both mother and baby can sleep peacefully for longer hours. White noise machines silence unwanted background sounds. Make sure you add this machine to your baby registry.



It comes with you wherever you go : Sounds like a stalker but no, white noise machines are so easily portable. This enables us to carry them wherever we go, making us feel at home, even when we halt at a highway motel for the night. Remember those sleepless nights you had while travelling for a business meeting. Well, you can sleep comfortably and rock your meetings the next day feeling refreshed and ready to rumble. 

Who needs it the most : dohm white noise

  • Shift workers.
  • New moms (No, all moms).
  • Students 
  • Babies.
  • Light sleepers.
  • Snoring spouses.
  • Crazily noisy neighbours.
  • Grandparents.


Best Attractive Features :

  • You can take it wherever you want, making you feel at home even when you’re not.
  • It’s rechargeable and comes in pocket-friendly budgets.
  • It brings a sense of relief and comfort to Tinnitus sufferers. 
  • Blocks out loud disturbing noises and helps you to have good night’s sleep.
  • Various sound settings help you choose your favourite soothing music to help you sleep better.

White Noise Machines

Well! It all sounds like just what you need, right!. Looks like we found a perfect sleep solution for all those tossing and turning sleepless nights.