This Article differs from the numerous other books on baby sleep – a topic that occupies and worries most parents during their baby’s first year of life (and often for much longer). Dr. Sarah Blunden has many years of clinical practice as a sleep specialist and psychologist, and Angie Willcocks runs a psychology practice – so this blog summarizes their experience for a sensible approach to establishing healthy sleep habits over the first year of life. It informs based on expert evidence and research, both of which are cited. Part One discusses sleep – in fact, this is the first part on baby sleep that I have read that describes the various sleep states in infants and how they develop. Part Two explains how the Sensible Sleep Solution works and why the methods work. Part Three emphasizes the importance of parental well-being and how to care for themselves, and Part Four provides a detailed account of what to expect at the various stages of development during the baby’s first year, as well as practical tips for dealing with sleep problems at specific ages.

It’s meticulously structured, with various symbols highlighting points of interest, the writers’ thoughts and ideas, summaries of the information offered in each part, and practical advice for overcoming the most common sleep issues.

The Sensible Sleep Solution is a gentle, developmentally appropriate way to help newborns fall asleep without parental assistance. It’s all about COTSS (creating chances to self-soothe). Self-soothing abilities are necessary for babies and children to remain quiet and comfortable.

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