Travel Sleep Masks

Travel Sleep Masks

Travel Sleep Masks

A Travel Sleep Mask is the perfect way to get some rest and relaxation while you’re on the go!

Whether you’re on a long flight or just trying to get some shut-eye while travelling, our range of quality Sleep Masks for travel, will help you get some much-needed rest!


What Affects Sleep when Travelling?


The most obvious way to kill sleep when travelling is unwanted light. The solution? A quality sleep mask! A good night’s sleep is as important to recovery and well-being even more when we’re away from home. Sleep masks are essential for blocking out unwanted light, which disrupts our circadian rhythms (body clocks) Which means you should keep your eye mask on hand for any future holidays or business trips. 


On holidays we think we’re going to experience perfect sleep. This is often far from the truth. Travel, especially since the pandemic, is treated as a welcome break from normal routines. Changes to our environment, especially noise, play a huge role in sleep disruptions. Our ears continue to stay awake when we sleep. When we travel, we experience so much unwanted noise that alerts our brain of potential danger to keep us awake


When travelling, we’re often faced with climates that we aren’t accustomed to. Hotel air conditioning, is not only drying to our skin, but can upset our sleep patterns. It is important to have the right temperature for sleeping. Warmer temperatures can cause discomfort & restlessness while colder ones make it difficult or impossible to achieve a good night’s sleep. The ideal room temperature for sleep is sixteen to nineteen degrees 


The perfect way to sleep while travelling is with a comfortable, cool & quiet room. First, check the temperature on your AC. Now make sure any phones or clocks won’t ring/beep during dreamtime. Be sure to draw all curtains to block out all light and turn away or cover bedside clocks! Wear comfortable PJ’s (or none hehe) and make sure (if possible) that your pillow is as comfortable as you need. I am a sucker for a big, soft fluffy, feather pillow!

Why Cant I Sleep when I travel?

Travelling across time zones can disrupt your sleep patterns. The brain’s natural mechanism for falling asleep is dependent on cues from light and certain chemicals (like melatonin). This normally happens at regular intervals, but changes in the body’s circadian rhythm occur with changes in different time zones. 


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Travel Masks - The Best Natural Sleep Aid!

Travel Sleep Masks are one of the easiest, cost-effective and natural ways to get some sleep. Eye masks can really help improve your overall quality of sleep

Forget unnatural sleep aids which often can leave you feeling more tired and jet-lagged the next day. 

When travelling we are constantly challenged by light impacting our much-needed rest. Whether it be from the overhead lights on a plane, or outside lights shining in your hotel window, a Travel Sleep Mask will ensure that you catch those much-needed Zzzz’s naturally and without disturbance.

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