Light & Sleek Contoured Sleep Mask

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Product Description

Want a sleep mask that fits perfectly to the shape of your face and provides ultimate comfort and total light blocking ability? Look no further than this eye mask!

Need a Light Sleep Mask to Block Light?

This super smooth and light sleep mask has been touted by many as the “best contoured sleep mask” around and it is easy to see why.

The Contoured Sleep Mask sits so light on your face, as light as a feather, that you’ll hardly notice that you are wearing it. The contoured design allows the mask to sit well away from the eyes and eyelashes allowing you to comfortably open and close your eyes with ease.

Seeking Rest & Relaxation

Looking for total relief from light for sleep or relaxation, the super-light Contoured Sleep Mask is for you.

Manufactured with a soft wide, fully adjustable velcro head strap. The thicker band ensures maximum comfort and safeguards the sleep mask from slipping off your face through the night. 

  • SUPER SLEEK – Ultra Thin & Lightweight – Won’t lose its shape
  • STYLISH DESIGN – Patent Design – Ideal for travelling BLOCKS ALL LIGHT – Completely!
  • PERFECT FIT – Shapes wonderfully to the face and eyes
  • SOFT WIDE ADJUSTABLE BAND – Maintains the Sleep Mask stays put throughout the night.
  • TOTAL COMFORT – Perfect for relaxing day or night
  • AWESOME CONTOURED SHAPE – Lots of room for the eyes and eyelashes to move freely.
  • TRENDY NEW COLOUR – Available in Black& now Aqua!

Fits all Face and Nose Shapes

It has been formed to mould faultlessly around the shape of the eyes cut up and over the highest point of the bridge of the nose. For those that do not like the feel of a mask resting across the bridge of your nose, this is the mask for you.

People with a larger nose prefer the shape of this contoured mask as it forms the perfect shape close to the eyes and face, providing perfect block out.  People with a larger nose find that this mask does not get pushed away from the face and the lower eye area like other masks can that form across the lower bridge of the nose area.

Perfect Travel Mate

Whether you are travelling near or far, the Contoured Sleep Masks is the perfect travel companion. Its design is so thin and light it can easily be tucked into your carry on luggage or even in your pocket for easy access.

The light moulded closed-cell foam material that this mask has been shaped from ensures that your face is left mark-free so that when you jump off the plane you can head straight to your meeting having to worry about embarrassing indents on your face.

The contoured design makes for the perfect mask for women when travelling to guarantee that your eye make-up stays just where you want it!

Yes, it Really Does Block out the Light!

This ultra-smooth, super lightweight mask totally blocks out all light!



 Vs Light & Sleek Contoured Mask Vs

Light and Sleek V’s Sweet Dreams Contoured Mask

The Sweet Dreams and the Light & Sleek Contoured masks are very similar in design. The difference being that the Sweet Dreams has the full nose piece (some people find blocks out more light from sneaking in near the bridge of the nose. The Light & Sleek Contoured has a smaller nose piece near the bridge with the rest cut out (some people find this more comfortable because of this)

Additionally, the Sweet Dreams comes with the Carry Case & FREE Earplugs.

This mask ticks all the boxes & is an AWESOME PRICE, try it today!



Working crazy hours and different shifts every day makes it so difficult to sleep. But with this eye mask, you can block out all light and help your body relax. Plus, it is so comfortable! I am a stomach sleeper, so my face is always resting against my pillow. Even with this mask on, it feels as light as air and just as soft as my pillow. I don’t know where I would be without it!” Christina… 

“Easily the best sleep mask I have ever owned. High praise, I know, but completely true. As a ‘toss-and-turn’ sleeper, I have had a lot of difficulty in finding a good mask that fits really comfortably and blocks out light. This does both, and as a shift worker I am very thankful for that. I love how lightweight the mask is, and I suspect I will appreciate that even more in the warm summer months. Yes it does look like a bra, but I really don’t care when I am sawing logs. In all honesty, this mask is a steal at it’s current asking price.” Rob…

“I love wearing an eye mask on vacation or in a plane to block out any distractions, but hate what it does to my makeup. I decided to try this one before a nap to see if my makeup would still be intact afterwards. My eyes came out smudge free after a nap with this sleeping mask. This eye mask fits really well and didn’t bother me at all when I was sleeping. I also particularly like that this has velcro on the back. You don’t have to squeeze this over your head like a normal eye mask. Instead, you can perfectly fit it to your head.” Andrea…

Nice sleep mask. I think is better and more comfortable than the other version that is not nose-less. I can sleep good with this version of the mask, but I still love more the “Escape Luxury Travel” version!” Randall…

“Mask is lightweight and fits well over my CPAP mask except the strap is not long enough. I have used several products from and have been pleased with all of them. When I had to start using a CPAP machine none of my current masks would cover it well enough or were too bulky. So I emailed the website and this mask was recommended. It is the best one I have tried. Adding a CPAP mask was uncomfortable enough so having a sleep mask that didn’t add bulk or heat was a big help. It also helps prevent air leaks from the CPAP into my eyes. If I remove CPAP mask during the night this sleep mask still works great. I would highly recommend this mask.” Ann…

“Okay I admit I had my doubts about the Contoured Sleep Mask working on me since it didn’t have the section that goes across the nose which totally blocks out light. But since I keep my own bedroom dark, this didn’t present a problem at home and my goodness I was able to keep this mask on far longer than any of my others. I only use Dream Essential masks and I have to have one for the Winter & one for the Summer. Now I think I’ve found one I love even better because it doesn’t annoy me when I turn from my back to my side and then over to my other side again. It still comes off if I get too hot but that doesn’t seem to happen until much later during the night then usual. I believe it’s because of the larger eye contour area that it doesn’t put pressure on my sinuses like the others do and I sleep much more comfortably with this one. I’m happy with it and it’s a keeper!” Rhonda…

10 reviews for Light & Sleek Contoured Sleep Mask

  1. Greg, Lake Wendouree, VIC

    And it blocks out the light, everything you want in a good sleep mask I guess.

  2. Patricia, South Guildford, WA

    I’ve tried both of the contoured masks and think they are great. I like this one the best as it has the nose cut out. They are light and they work.

  3. Anna, Brightwater QLD

    I am a nurse so getting to sleep for me through the day is difficult but also crucial. I particularly love how light this mask sits on my face, especially in the warmer months of weather we have. I couldn’t sleep without it. I would recommend this mask to others.

  4. Jax – Angel Eyes by Jacqui

    These masks are fantastic for anyone who needs some protection overnight for their lash extensions. My clients are loving them

  5. Bob M.

    I am impressed with the comfort of this mask and love that it doesn’t press on your eyes. I tend to move around a lot in my sleep from side to side, on my back and on my tummy and it stays on pretty well and doesn’t dig in or feel uncomfortable in any position. It does however leak some light around the sides of my nose as there’s no peak over the nose like some other masks. If it had that fixed it would definitely rate 5 stars. And as another review mentioned it does look rather like a mini bra but once it’s on who cares.

  6. Tina

    Yes they do remind me of a pair of bras but who cares. I find them so comfortable and they really do block out the light. I’d give them 10/10

  7. Heidi, St Ives NSW

    Well made, light as air on your face while you sleep. Contoured shape means your eyes have no pressure from the mask which is lovely. Velcro adjustment on head elastic on back is too thick for comfort when sleeping on your back so I replaced the velcro with plain elastic. Otherwise very highly recommend.

  8. Anonymous

    This is an excellent sleep mask, I’m very happy with it. The contour is just right.

  9. Dan Warne

    Dan Warne

    Received the eye mask and ear plugs today thank you. The eye mask is FANTASTIC!!! Can’t believe how well it blocks out light and how comfortable it is. It’s much bigger than I imagined from the photos and fits very well. Thanks for your advice!

  10. Anita Lowe

    Rated 5 out of 5
    Anita Lowe – July 31, 2018

    I recently bought this mask for a plane flight overseas and haven’t stopped using it since. It feels comfortable & light on my face and it makes such a difference to my sleep which I would not have thought. It blocks all the light!

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