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The specially designed Airmax, made of super soft medical grade silicone, has tiny wings that expand the narrowest parts of the nasal passage to increase airflow. This comfortable device provides an effective and straightforward solution for all people who have difficulties breathing and snoring.

The Airmax is perfect for people who have trouble breathing, especially during sleep. It is the ideal solution for people who snore at night or for those who have difficulty sleeping due to allergies, colds or touches of flu.

It is a cost-effective and natural solution to help with your breathing troubles!

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available between $100.00 - $2,000.00

Product Description

Quite simply, the Airmax nasal device has been developed to allow  increased airflow through the nasal passages. Made of a medical-grade material, the specially designed “wings” lightly expand the smallest part of the nasal passages to provide more airflow to help you breathe easier through your nose.

  • Reduces snoring
  • Proven to help widen nasal passages to increase airflow for breathing, snoring and sports.
  • Drug-free, comfortable and easy to use, CE and FDA approved
  • Made of a soft odourless medical grade, hypoallergenic material
  • Comfortable, flexible and easy to wear
  • Provides more airflow than Nasal Strips
  • Comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Suitable for nasal congestion (deviated septum, common cold, allergies, pregnancy), mild sleep apnea and use during sport.
  • Suitable for persons with compromised nasal breathing who are not wishing to undergo surgery.
  • Suitable during pregnancy for rhinitis and snoring problems
  • Reduces “stuffed nose” sensation (a cold, allergies and pregnancy).
  • Eliminate nasty Nasal Steroids, Sprays and Antihistamines with the natural use of this breathing device.

The specially designed Airmax, made of super soft medical grade silicone, has small wings that expand the narrowest parts of the nasal passage to allow increased airflow. This comfortable device provides an effective and simple solution for all people who have difficulties breathing and snoring.

The Airmax is perfect for people who have trouble breathing, especially whilst sleeping. It is the ideal solution for people who snore at night or who have difficulty sleeping as a result of allergies, colds or touches of flu.

It is a very cost-effective and natural solution to help with your breathing troubles!

Tagged globally as a “marriage saving device” by partners and those who suffer from snoring and its effect. The Airmax Nasal Device has been proven to largely reduce snoring for many.

  • Snorers
  • Nasal Congestion
  • Deviated Septum
  • Collapsed Nasal Valve/Passages
  • Common Cold & Flu
  • Allergies
  • Pregnancy-Related Snoring
  • Mild Sleep Apnea
  • Sports

Quite simply… no.

The Airmax Nasal Device compared with other commonly available products is different in the following ways:

  • Distinctive, patented design, made to be comfortably placed inside the nasal passages
  • Tested and proven to help widen nasal passages and improve nasal airflow in clinical studies
  • Does not require ‘sticky’ tape on the outside of the nose.
  • Made of medical-grade material
  • Aerodynamic profile (provides a wing effect).
  • An FDA registered medical device
  • Helps push the nasal canal open by reaching into the narrowest part of the nasal passages for improved airflow whereas most other devices generally are placed only in the lowest part of the nasal passage.

The AIRMAX Nasal Breathing Device is available in two sizes. Small and Medium. 

Everyone has different sized nasal passages, we find that the MEDIUM size Airmax fits most people comfortably. If you have a particularly smaller nasal passage, we recommend the SMALL size Airmax would best suit your needs.

Most people start with our Trail Pack – which is a great way to work out what size you need. The trial pack consists of one of each size – the Small and the Medium and a snap lock case to store it in when not in use. We also offer the Small and Medium in single and double packs.

Airmax and Clipair Nasal Breathing Devices are the most comfortable nasal dilators on the market! The cage style and nose cone ones made in Asia are hard plastic and so uncomfortable, they actually hurt to wear!

Clipair are reusable whereas cheaper copies and brands such as Mute last a maximum of only 10 days!

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I have been using the AIRMAX Nasal Device for a month, and find it surprisingly comfortable. More importantly, no more snoring or waking up with a dry mouth. My sleep quality has improved, I wake up more refreshed and better rested.
– Val B.

Since purchasing this product, my husband and I have been able to sleep without me worrying about waking up due to his snoring. It is lovely to find a product that works.
– Mrs Pender

I would like to say that this device really works. My husband started snoring in the last few years and it has gotten worse and worse, to the point I have had to sleep in another room, as it was waking me up. Then we were introduced to the AIRMAX Nasal Device and life has become as it was – no more snoring. Thank you, AIRMAX!
– Helen H.

Only bought your AIRMAX Nasal Device 2 days ago at the Fremantle Festival Market. I can tell that it’s just what I have been looking for for years, and would buy it if it cost $100.
– Val W

I’m sending you this mail, as I’m probably the most enthusiastic fan of your product. I’ve used your product for several days now and the headaches that I have every morning are finally gone. My husband is also using the AIRMAX Nasal Device and I’m finally relieved from his snoring. For years he had to rinse his nose every time he woke up, but with AIRMAX he doesn’t have to do that anymore! One word: FANTASTIC!
– Tanja

“I have been using the breathe right strips since they came out. The Air Max Nasal Device is 3 times better than the strips. I would wear them all day and my glasses would bend the edges of the strips and get caught in them. I don’t have to deal with that with the Air Max. My ease in breathing is so much greater with the Air Max Nasal Device than it was with the strips. Nobody knows I have it on. I love the carrying case too. It’s just such a great product, I had to let you know.”
– Don Gordon – Charleston, SC

Before and after each use, we recommend cleaning the Airmax Nasal Device with mild soapy water. If using for the first time, we suggest using a mirror to help with positioning the device correctly. You will know when it is fitted right when the arms of the device widen the entrance to your nasal passage and the bridge is touching your septum (the wall that divides the nasal cavity, the piece on your nose between your two nostrils).

We recommend using for at least 2 consecutive weeks, getting used to the device, as it can take time for your nose to get used to the shape of the device. If your nose is not symmetrical, you may have trouble initially when inserting it.

Yes. For many people, the AIRMAX Nasal Device has been clinically proven to aid in reducing snoring. Clinical tests showed that 75% of patients, during various stages of socially disruptive snoring, experienced a significant reduction of snoring. Tests proved the reduction in snoring was for both duration and loudness.

Yes. There should be no issues with using the AIRMAX Nasal Device and your CPAP machine. If you have any questions about this, we encourage you to speak with your ENT doctor.


Since the AIRMAX Nasal Device improves nasal breathing, it can assist some patients with sleep apnea or OSAS (obstructive sleep apnea syndrome). In clinical testing, a portion of patients with OSAS actually experienced a reduction in snoring (loudness and duration) with the use of the AIRMAX device. As with all specific serious medical conditions, we recommend you consult your physician for treatment.

Absolutely! The Airmax Nasal Breathing Device helps to open the nasal passage, allowing more oxygen to enter the body.

We all know that our bodies rely on oxygen. When we exercise, we need energy. Our body delivers oxygen to our muscles to create the energy we need to exercise.

If we take shallow, smaller breaths, your body is not getting enough oxygen, it can have a damaging effect on our performance.

In a nutshell, if the body doesn’t get enough oxygen to our muscles, they simply stop working. The body needs to keep the muscles fuelled with oxygen, or you may experience muscle fatigue and or failure.

If you are deprived of oxygen, i.e. your body is not getting enough, you may experience blurred vision, dizziness and nausea. When this occurs, it is best to rest and place your hands on your hips or above your head. This will relieve some pressure from your diaphragm to enable you to take deeper breaths and increase your oxygen levels.

What’s in the box?

  • Airmax Nasal Breathing Device/s
  • Dust Proof Carry/Storage Case


The Airmax Nasal Device, patented by ENT specialists, is a specially designed medical device that increases airflow through the nose, to help people breathe better and prevent snoring.











8 reviews for AIRMAX Nasal Breathing Device

  1. Melissa, North Rocks, NSW

    I have a slight deviated septum. Which means that the cartilage in my nose is crooked & it makes it difficult to breath through my right nostril.
    I have tried many different breathing contraptions over the years to try to open up my nasal passage. When I use the adhesive strips, they are uncomfortable and they give me black heads. The harder plastic stints rub on the inside of my nose and I end up taking it out halfway through the night because I can’t sleep.
    I tried this as another attempt to find a solution and am so glad that I did! This nasal breathing device is made of a really soft silicone/rubber like material so it doesn’t press hard against my nostrils. It took a few nights to get totally used it, now I don’t even notice it is there.
    I tried the small size at first and then bought the medium to compare – I prefer the medium.
    I definitely recommend them.

  2. Jimmy, Brisbane, QLD

    What a life changer. I was doubtful this product would work for me but it has made a difference I can now breathe at night. they do take a wee bit getting used to but now I hardly know its in when I’m in bed….
    If your a mouth breather get this it will help ……

  3. Lindsay, Frankston, Vic

    I was a bit dubious about another product saying it could help breathing but desperation will win out. I have had two operations to fix deviated septum and open up airways. Expensive and they did not work. It took about a week to get use to it, not that it is painful but it fell out in my sleep a few times. That seems to have stopped happening. It really does open up your nose and you do breathe much better.

  4. Michael

    I have been using nasal strips for years to sleep, but really felt like I needed something stronger that actually pushes the nostrils wider open. This product does this, and it only takes a small amount of getting used to. I can feel the difference already – a worthwhile purchase indeed.

  5. Col Hale, Cranebrook, New South Wales

    I have been using Airmax for 3 weeks and find it very effective in my situation and very happy with it. Much better than my uncomfortable cpap mask every night. If you have sleep apnea, I urge you to try this. I can not believe how well it works. Thanks Tammy so much for your help.

  6. Toby Jones, Potts Point

    I saw my Dr for snoring and had to undergo sleep testing and was told that I had sleep apnea.
    I purchased the very expensive equipment that I now had to get to used to wearing every night.
    A mate told me about this Airmax nasal device and could not speak highly enough about it. For the sake of 30 bucks I thought it was definitely worth a try.
    My wife and I were both amazed. I don’t use my horrible, uncomfortable CPAP mask anymore and I don’t snore!
    When I told my Dr about it he was skeptical. He purchased one for his wife to try and he now recommends them to his patients.
    If you snore and or have sleep apnea give this little thing a go! I highly recommend it.
    I must say, when I first tried it I thought it was a little uncomfortable, it felt a bit strange having it in my nose, although it was a darn sight better than the big uncomfortable mask. I persisted with the airmax, the after a week or two it no longer bothered me.

  7. Kacey Ryan (verified owner)

    This is the most amazing product that I have come across! I have a deviated septum and this little device has been life changing for me. I am so incredibly happy to have found this.

  8. Janie Cavalier (verified owner)

    My Dentist recommended this little product to me and it is brilliant! I could not be happier.

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