Sova Aero Custom Nightguard for Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

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Regular teeth grinding on a regular basis can cause damage to your teeth and jaw, which will result in expensive & painful trips to the Dentist.

The Sova night guard is a super cost effective DIY solution to protect your teeth. You can custom mould your mouthguard in the comfort of your own home, to fit perfectly to protect your teeth at a very small fraction of the price to having one fitted by your dentist!

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Product Description

SOVA Night Guard – For Night Grinding of Teeth and Bruxism

As many as 1 in 5 grind their teeth, although many of us don’t even know it. Teeth grinding, otherwise known as bruxism is the involuntary grinding and clenching of teeth that usually happens during sleep. The non-compressible, perforated materials is designed to distribute pressure and allow the natural flow of air and saliva to protect growing jaws and teeth from the effects of teeth grinding, TMJ and Bruxism.

Night grinding or Bruxism causes headaches, damaged teeth and jaw pain. The SOVA Aero Night Guard, powered by Diffusix technology, is scientifically designed to protect your teeth from a night of grinding.

SOVA is remouldable; to create the best possible custom fit in a matter of minutes. It’s so comfortable; you will not know you are wearing it. What’s more it comes with a free storage case & 6 month durability warranty!

Suitable for

  • Individuals that suffer from acute and severe teeth grinding
  • Customers wanting maximum protection and breathability
  • Night guard users that have chewed through previous solutions
  • A financially low cost night guard option when compared to lab fabricated dental splints
  • Ages 11+

Key Features

  • 1.6 mm thin
  • 30% thinner than traditional night guards
  • Diffusix Technology
  • Custom fit at home in minutes
  • Remouldable up to 20 times
  • No dental impression needed
  • 120 day durability warranty
  • Allows air and saliva to flow naturally
  • Can be used with braces*
  • BPA, Latex, Phthalate, PVC free
  • Bundle options available (select from the dropdown box)

At 1.6 mm thin (30% thinner than other EVA guards) and powered by Diffusix Technology, the SOVA Aero Night Guard is an ideal bruxism mouthguard for anyone that needs maximum protection from a night guard but also wants a thin, breathable solution for a better night’s sleep. 

Custom Fit

Simply place the SOVA Max Aero Guard in a bowl of hot water to start the custom-fit process at home. The SOVA guard will become pliable, so that you can easily mould your night guard to the exact custom fit for your teeth. The guard can be worn on the top or bottom teeth or both to allow for individual preferences.


Didn’t get the fit right the first time? Simply place the SOVA Aero back into hot water; it will return to its flat form. The SOVA guards are remouldable up to 20 times, so they are also ideal for anyone progressing through their aligner treatments

What causes grinding teeth in sleep?

Teeth grinding at night, is often a sign that there are stressors in your life. 

The most common cause of teeth grinding is often linked to stress and anxiety. You can take steps to relieve this by practicing good sleep habits and avoiding caffeine from the afternoon onward.


How It Works

Designed to withstand more impact than a conventional mouthguard, SOVA’s scientifically engineered crumple zones prevent residual force of impact from traveling to your teeth. When a SOVA night guard is properly fitted, perforations oscillate on impact, dissipating grinding forces and guiding those forces into the crumple zones.

So, Why The Perforations?

Designed for better durability and impact resistance, perforations allow for a custom fit and natural flow of air and saliva. Built on the basis of bridge making engineering, perforations oscillate during night grinding and spread impact forces through the surface of the guard and away from your teeth.

Diffusix™ technology absorbs and diffuses the impact forces of grinding and clenching throughout the entire guard.

Diffusix Technology

SOVA Night Guards are made with Diffusix technology which absorbs and diffuses impact throughout the entire guard. Less impact force is transferred to your teeth during the night.

Diffusix technology works with unique perforations and special ‘crumple zones’ which prevent impact forces from traveling to your teeth, relieving pain and reducing the risk of dental injury.

The Solution that Changed the Industry

SOVA is remoldable, to create the best possible custom fit in a matter of minutes. It’s so comfortable; you will not know you are wearing it. The result: an immediate and affordable alternative solution for nighttime grind protection. Made from tough polymer material with a flat occlusal surface and perforated labial and lingual flanges, the thermoplastic material has a high tensile strength and is biocompatible and BPA-free. SOVA starts as a flat, horseshoe-shape. After immersion in 160˚F water, the material becomes pliable and is then moulded against the teeth until it becomes hardened in one simple step.

Fit at Home 

Dentist-Grade make at home mouth guard. You can fit SOVA in the comfort of your own home! SOVA night guard can also be remolded up to 20 times. So whether you’re looking to try a new fit or your child’s mouth is growing, SOVA allows you to adjust over time, maintaining a perfect fit.

Ultra Comfortable

A Perfect Custom Fit…SOVA nightguard provides a snug, custom fit, with perforations that allow air to freely flow through the guard, helping you to breath easy and always providing maximum comfort.

Dentist Designed

SOVA Night Guard provides the same protection as a dentist made night guard at a fraction of the cost. Our dedicated team of world-reknowned scientists works endlessly to invent new technologies to better protect your teeth.


While many night guards are easy to chew through, SOVA Night Guard material is 8 times tougher and 30-50% stronger than conventional EVA night guard material. SOVA will last no matter how much you clench or grind, backed by our market leading 120-day warranty.   Made from a non-compressible, perforated material that better protects your teeth at night, SOVA Night Guard is the ultimate sleep changer. SOVA is remoldable, to create the best possible custom fit in a matter of minutes. It’s so comfortable; you will not know you are wearing it.

 The SOVA Aero Night Guard is powered by Diffusix Technology, which allows it to withstand more impact than a conventional mouthguard. This innovative design features special “crumple zones” to absorb and diffuse the impact of grinding and clenching throughout the entire guard— relieving pain and reducing the risk of dental injury— while unique perforations throughout allow for the natural flow of air and saliva, so you can easily breathe and drink water while wearing the guard. Simply place the SOVA Aero Night Guard in hot water until it becomes soft and pliable, then place it on your teeth to create the perfect, custom fit for your mouth. It’s easily remoldable up to 20 times, and designed to last for up to a year of nightly use. Expertly designed to stay in place all night long, this mouthguard is an effective and efficient solution to relieve sleep related dental pain instantly.



Q Can this product help to reduce snoring? The SOVA Night Guard is not designed to help snoring. It is designed to help with bruxism.   
Q Is this product a hard plastic after the moulding process or is it “gummy”? The product comes hard, becomes soft and pliable when heated in water, and then becomes hard again once moulded.     
Q Can this mouth guard be worn for sports athletes playing basketball, baseball or football? The SOVA Night Guard is designed to protect teeth from forces caused by grinding and clenching. It is not intended to be worn like a mouth guard for sports.


1 review for Sova Aero Custom Nightguard for Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)

  1. Danny Sullivan

    Fantastic. I was fitted with a mouthguard by my dentist because I grind my teeth and also kept chipping my cap. Yes, was very costly. The guard worked great, that is until my dog chewed it. At a costly $380 a pop I decided to give this a try. I can honestly say that I am just as happy with this one at a fraction of the cost. I’ve decided to buy a second one because I often leave it in the bathroom each morning after I take it out then don’t have it on my bedside when I get into bed. Happy customer

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