Sleep and Sound Mouldable Clear Ear Putty 6 Pair

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Product Description

Sleep and Sound soft moldable Ear Putty are so easy to use and form to the shape of any ear to block water and unwanted noise for adults and children. They are available in transparent colour


Ear Putty are perfect earplugs for swimming in the pool, beach or lake, and they are fantastic for surfing, showering or water skiing.

Our 200 Pair dispensers are ideal for Flotation Tank Centres who want presentable, individually sealed earplugs to keep their clients’ ears clean and dry.

Silicone putty earplugs will keep water from ears following surgery, such as grommets.

Ear Putty Uses


Ear Putty earplugs for sleeping are perfect to use when travelling to block distracting noise that keeps you awake when away from home. Get for blocking sound when you are trying to concentrate on work or study.

earplugs for lady studying


Super easy to mould into the outer ear and softer than other silicone earplugs


Create a perfect seal from water to keep your ear canal dry and clean.

ear plugs for children with ear infection


ONE SIZE FITS ALL You can easily mould the ear putty to fit any shape or size ear, perfect for children or adults.

how to wear sleep and sound ear putty


Although they are a disposable earplug, they can be re-used for a number of times. The number of times is dependent on the individual person and the amount of soiling that their ears produce.


Ear Putty has a tacky texture without being sticky and will stay in place underwater or whilst sleeping.

earplugs for sleeping lady in bed


Ear Putty does not go inside the ear canal, but rather externally. It is designed to form a seal of the outer ear, known as the auricle or pinna, which makes them the ideal solution for people who do not like the feel of anything inside their ear.


Easy to use, a lot of kids don’t like having earplugs inside their ears, so ear putty helps alleviate this concern. For ultimate protection, the Ear Putty Earplugs are best worn in conjunction with the Ear Band.

kids at the beach wearing wearing earplugs for swimming


With clean, dry hands, mould the ear putty between your thumb and forefinger to flatten a little. Shape the putty externally to the ear canal, pressing around the outer ear area to create a nice seal, do not insert into the ear canal.

You can easily remove ear putty by pressing upwards on the back of the ear whilst pulling down the ear lobe.

You can reuse Ear Putty up to 2 weeks with correct handling and storage. Discard earplugs when they become soiled or when they begin to lose their tackiness.

how to insert earplugs sleep and sound


Contact us for Wholesale Pricing – Silicone Earplugs for Float Tanks in BULK 200 Pair.

lady in float tank wearing waterproof earplugs



2 reviews for Sleep and Sound Mouldable Clear Ear Putty 6 Pair

  1. Laura

    These earplugs have given me so many peaceful nights if sleep. I’ve accidentally slept through my alarm before though whoops haha. Highly recommend 🙂 Make sure you follow the instructions and squash it flat over your earhole. Keep it away from your hair because it can get stuck. I haven’t used it swimming but I’m sure it would be good for that too.

  2. Amelia

    I’ve worn earplugs for many years and have never tried a mouldable putty earplug until now. I like the fact that they do not go into my ear canal, so I find them much more comfortable. I also seem to get more use out of each pair because there is not as much wax like there is on foam earplugs.

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