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Product Description

Earplugs are the best tool for protecting your ears against loud noises, and whats more, they are stand alone the greatest little invention ever to help you get a good night sleep! 

Perfect for blocking noise from snoring partners, outside traffic, people in adjoining units, barking dogs, and much, much, more.

Shift Worker?

Anyone who has ever done shift work will tell you that sleep is so super crucial and getting to sleep during daylight hours, when the rest of the world is awake, can be menacing!

Our bodies are designed to be awake through the day and asleep at night. The best way to trick our bodies for sleeping through the day is with a light blocking Sleep Mask and quality, comfortable, noise blocking earplugs.

Cailey from Green Point, NSW  “I have been a nurse for over 13 years and have for many of those years endured working nightshift, which means that I invariably have to sleep through the day. The day I discovered earplugs my word became a better place! I get home from work, shower, dress for bed and within 10 minutes of me wearing my earplugs I am fast asleep! Whats more, I stay asleep, through all outside noise – including bin day!” 

Macks Sound Asleep soft foam earplugs are made with super soft, silky smooth Comfort Foam, which makes for the perfect earplug for extended wear where extreme comfort is paramount.

Unique Design – Hollowed End

Specially designed with comfort in mind, the unique hollow end maximizes comfort, especially during sleep. Especially if you are a side sleeper. The hollow end allows the earplug to collapse inside the ear canal when you roll over, with less pressure and optimum noise blocking. 

  • Made with super soft foam, these ear plugs are perfect for extended wear in situations where extreme comfort is paramount
  • The unique hollow end maximizes comfort, especially during sleep
  • Relief from snoring spouses, noisy neighbors, air travel, etc.
  • #1 Doctor Recommended Brand to get a good night’s sleep when sleeping with a snoring spouse
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) – 32 decibels

Noise Reduction Rating: 32dB

Earplugs Improve Sleep Quality

Many know that sleeping with earplugs can significantly increase the quality of your sleep. For so many many people, sleep would be almost impossible without them. If you are wanting to block sounds from nearby traffic or noisy neighbours, Sound Asleep Earplugs are for you!

This is significant because the quality of your sleep matters just as much as the amount you get. Loud sounds can wake you up out of a deep sleep. This has lasting effects, even if you wake up only for a few seconds. It takes time for your body to return to that phase of deep sleep that your body needs after a full day.

Relief from:

  • Snoring Spouses
  • Noisy Neighbours
  • Noise when Travelling – Perfect for Flights
Please note Mack’s Snore Blockers and Mack’s Sound Asleep Earplugs are the same product just different colours

2 reviews for Mack’s Sound Asleep Earplugs

  1. Jacki Sloan

    These are more comfortable than my previous earplugs but don’t block out my snoring partner completely.
    These are the highest noise blocking earplugs I’ve found. Blocks 32 decibels.
    I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it’s not possible.
    (I spoke with Tammy from Earstore who was very friendly & very helpful – she also told me that there is no such thing as something that will block 100% of noise, she sent me some others to try out to see which ones I liked best & it was the Sound Asleeps) So for me, if I want to share a bed with my partner, these are the next best thing!

  2. Jason, Aeroglen Qld

    Ever since my wife fell pregnant she has snored. Which means that ever since my wife fell pregnant I can’t sleep.
    I don’t like sleeping on the couch so I tried these earplugs. They seem to do the trick!
    I am hoping that the snoring stops when the baby arrives although I may need to keep wearing them then also 😉
    A doting husband and father to be

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