Hush Kids Sleep Mask & Alpine Kiddies Earplugs Bundle


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Alpine Kids Pluggies - Earplugs for Children

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Childrens Sleep Mask - Hush

Product Description

A perfect combination for kids. Dream Essentials Hush kids sleep mask and Alpine Kiddies ear plugs. Perfect for travelling, sleeping and many other applications.

If you are planning a road trip with children, investing in a sleep mask is the perfect way to block out the bright glow from street lights, lit signs and surrounding vehicles for little ones eyes. Children will go straight back to sleep if they stir during their sleep cycle. Customers tell us that that eye masks for kids are invaluable in helping children have a good sleep even when travelling through the day.

Children’s Luxury Sleep Mask & Ear plugs

“I want to be just like you Mummy/Daddy!”

The perfect children’s’ travel mask to ensure they, and you, get a more peaceful, restful flight.

This handmade, comfortable Sleep Mask will assist in adjusting your child’s time clock on long haul flights so they are rested and ready for their destination.

The Hush Kids Travel Mask is not just for flying, we have hundreds of happy customers that love their mask for travel in trains, on boats or driving in a bus or car.

Childrens Travel Sleep Mask - Hush

Perfect for Travelling

On a flight, the flash and animation of movies, sunlight, cabin & reading lights can all disturb & further stimulate your child’s senses.

  • Handmade using quality materials
  • Provide total block out 
  • Suitable for children aged between 3 – 10 years 
  • Perfect for Planes, Trains & Automobiles (& Buses & Boats!)
  • Fully breathable, soft, fabric for extra comfort
  • 100% cotton padded cushioning allow eyes to comfortably open and close inside mask
  • Designed with soft, wide, adjustable, silky sheer Comfort Snug™ which secures around back of head


Hand wash in cool soapy water, lay flat to dry. 

Earplugs For Kids

Whether your child is listening to loud music at a concert, playing in the pool, watching fireworks or racecars, or concentrating at school, Alpine Pluggies fit the bill to protect your little ones hearing.

Alpine Pluggies Are Perfect For:

  • FLYING – Kids Flying to give ears time to equalize during ascent and descent of the plane
  • STUDY – Improving concentration during school, reading or study
  • CONCERTS – Going to concerts. The open duct filter reduces the music noise but still allows you to hear the quality of the music
  • SWIMMING – Helps keep water from the ears during swimming, surfing, sailing & all other water sports
  • WORKING – Helping Mum Or Dad when in the yard mowing the lawn or using the leaf blower, watching Dad working with power tools etc.

Alpine Kids Pluggies - Earplugs for Children

The Best Protection For Your Childs Ears

Sadly, one in eight children now suffer from irreparable noise induced hearing loss. Children’s ears are extremely sensitive to noise. Most noise induced hearing loss is permanent and best of all PREVENTABLE!

That’s why Alpine have developed Pluggies Kids Earplugs especially designed for children aged between three and twelve years. These great little hearing protectors muffle excessive loud ambient noise whilst still allowing your child to hear what’s going on around them. What’s more is they are waterproof so can double as a great earplug to prevent water from getting into their ears when swimming, the perfect all in one solution for kids ears!

Alpine Kids Pluggies - Earplugs for Children

Top Tips for Travelling with Children

· Consider the time of day you choose to fly. Travel, airports and airplanes make for excited children. Be realistic with expectations of children falling asleep on a morning flight. Take advantage of your childs normal sleep patterns. It’s best to fly during your little ones daytime nap or during there normal night sleep time (red-eye flights are the go)

· Book children their own seat. You will be grateful for theirs & your much needed comfort. You may think that Reserve a seat for your toddler and bring her car seat.

· Protect your children’s ears with earplugs & help eliminate pain and discomfort of pressurisation especially during take off and landing. Your child will not be able to sleep if they are in pain or have blocked ears. Ensure they drink or eat (a good time for snacks) upon ascending & descending as this sucking/chewing action helps the ears to pop & depressurise. If your child is old enough you can give them chewing gum & or guide them to hold there nostrils & very gently blow out through their nose to also help their ears to pop.

· Make your child comfortable – make sure they have a pillow & blanket & or favourite snuggle /comfort toy.

· Pack a spare change of clothes including something warmer (even in summer months) Planes can get quite cool. Better to be prepared with a pair of socks, long comfortable pants/track pants & a jumper or sweatshirt.

· Ask the attendant to give your child some warm milk (it pays to pack a bottle or sippy cup in your child carry on also to eliminate spills)

· Purchase your child’s mask ahead of time from your expected trip to get them used to wearing their sleep mask & feeling comfortable. Play games like pin the tail on the donkey; guess what item I have removed from the tray etc. to make the mask “fun”. Don’t forget to wear your mask too, monkey see… monkey do.

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  1. Babs Morris

    Although we didn’t go on our family trip to Bali due to Covid 19, the kids were still super excited to try their new sleep masks and earplugs. I have to say, we were surprised to discover that both girls are sleeping in more because of the morning sun not waking them. Pleased to say we let them use them

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