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Eargasm will revolutionise the way you think about ear plugs! This innovative new design allows you to adjust your protection level without worrying about a second set of earplugs. Perfect for loud concerts or sporting events

The Eargasm Slide is a unique design that provides maximum hearing safety, while still allowing bass and mid-frequencies like vocals to sound great, which means we can enjoy our favourite tunes at high volumes whilst protecting our hearing!


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Product Description

Eargasm Slide Earplugs: It’s your life, control hearing protection your way.⁠ Adjustable noise reduction levels so you can simply switch from 15 to 22dB of noise reduction with the swipe of your hand; it’s THAT easy.

The Eargasm – Slide is an ear plug you can wear all night at a loud concert or sporting event. These earplugs offer you the option of easily switching between a strong noise reduction rating of 15 and an even stronger 22, which means you can talk to your friends without re-inserting the ear plugs for every song.

Woman typing on laptop with Slide Earplugs in her ears

Adjustable Volume Control

You choose your volume with the adjustable volume by simply moving the slider to one of two settings. Reduce noise with an NRR of either 15 dB or 22 dB, all while maintaining crisp, high fidelity sound!

Slide Earplugs can are adjustable and can reduce noise from 15 to 22dB.

Find The Perfect Fit

Three sizes and two different colours of ear tips included with every order. Fits most ear sizes from small to large. Install the ear tips of choice and your Eargasm Slide Earplugs are ready for immediate use!


No Batteries Needed

These innovative earplugs do not require batteries! Our attenuation filters make use of passive technology to provide the best sound reduction possible, without any electronic components needed.

Man playing guitar with Slide Earplugs in his ears

Keep Your Eargasm Earplugs In Reach

Handy connector cord included so that you earplugs are always in reach. Built in magnet on each earplug allows them to connect to each other for additional convenience!

Connector cord

Great Storage Container / Keyring

with the sturdy, aluminium keychain carrying case included with every unit! An anti-stick interior guarantees earplugs will always be easily removable. Waterproof rubber seal ensures their protection from moisture, dust and debris.

Product Highlights

  • The Eargasm – Slide is an ear plug you can wear all night at a loud concert.
  • Adjustable noise reduction levels mean you get more protection exactly when you need it, without taking out and re-inserting plugs constantly.
  • If you’re only going to a moderately-loud show, you might never use the closed setting.
  • Magnetic backs and an included lanyard make these easy to carry.

What Others are Saying About Eargasm Slides

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely amazing for dealing with sensory overload

Reviewed on 22 September 2020

Verified Purchase

I got these for dealing with misophonia/sensory overload and dealing with sounds being a bit louder for me than everyone else. I was a bit worried with how expensive they are but took the shot anyways, and I do NOT regret this.

When opened, they have the effect of tuning out background noise very effectively, while still letting me hear myself, other people, my phone, etc. They feel like earbuds at this setting

When closed, my voice is muffled and they do feel more like a traditional earplug. Louder sounds are lower in volume and it makes me being in louder areas easily manageable. I’m not even bothered by the dog barking anymore 😊

For me, they don’t sit flush as advertised, but this may be because I don’t like to push earplugs in very far. They work fine only being in about halfway. The amount they do stick out doesn’t get in the way of me laying down or anything.

I did want to note that the strap is actually really good. I saw a lot of reviews saying it was sticky or extremely long, and I’ve found neither of these things to be true. I live with two cats and haven’t had hair stick to it yet. It’s about the length you expect a necklace should be when around my neck, and because the material is kinda like silicone it doesn’t bother me being there.

Without the cord, I don’t feel like they’ll fall out, but I’ll probably use it when going out anyways.

It does come with three sizes of plugs in two colours. I have very small ears and the small sized ones are working fine. The plastic bit also has notches on it for the tip so you can choose how deep in your ear you want it to go. I have mine on the second notch.

Overall I have to say these are amazing and have greatly increased my quality of life. They probably won’t be what you’re looking for if you’re in an extremely loud place, like a heavy metal concert or a Monster Jam (but let’s be real, you should be looking for NRR 32 earplugs for those), but they’re really good for lowering the volume of everyday sounds like trains or dogs barking (I’d go so far as to use these at a regular concert as well), or just tune out background noise if you’re having trouble with that. I’ll definitely be recommending these to people who could benefit from them.

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  1. Veronique

    These are the best earplugs I’ve tried! I work in hospitality and the tunes are always pumping. I was still able to communicate with other staff and patrons but no ringing in my ears when I get home! Cheers guys!

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