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Product Description

Looking for a way to enjoy your favourite activities without worrying about water entering your ears? Look no further than the Eargasm Aquaplugs! Aquaplugs are the perfect way to keep water out of your ears while enjoying all your favourite activities!

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You can STILL Hear Conversations!

Not only will Aquaplugs keep ear infections at bay, the unique patented filter means these reusable, high fidelity earplugs let sound in while keeping water out! So, you can surf, swim, and participate in all water activities with peace of mind. This means that you can still hear clearly and chat to your mates while surfing, listen to your swim coach, or hear your kids whilst playing at the beach, all without worrying about water troubling your ears!

So, dive in and enjoy your favourite water sports without worrying about water getting in your ears!

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Comfortable & Perfect Fit

Included with every package are 4 different ear tip sizes and 3 different ear wing sizes, so you can get the perfect fit for your ears every time! With a tight seal and comfortable design, you can stay safe and still hear your surroundings clearly. Plus, the connector cord ensures that your Aquaplugs stay in place no matter what.

Whether you’re surfing, swimming, or just taking a relaxing bath, Aquaplugs will let you do so without worrying about water intruding your ears.

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Goodbye Swimmers & Surfers Ear!

Surfers ear and swimmer’s ear are both painful and can lead to surgery and or hearing loss! Anyone who has suffered from either will surely latest to this!!! Guess what? BOTH are preventable!!! How? Easy, with a pair of AQUAPLUGS!

Say goodbye swimmers and surfers ear and hello Aquaplugs, you won’t have to miss a thing while you’re enjoying some fun in the sun.

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Whats more, Aquaplugs are designed to provide clear sound quality, all without the crazy ridiculous, expensive costs of customised waterproof earplugs!

Don’t let water keep you from enjoying life – grab some Eargasm Aquaplugs and get outside!

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Each Aquaplug set Includes:

  • Pair of Aquaplugs
  • 4x Ear Wing Sizes
  • 3x Ear Tip Sizes
  • Connector Cord
  • Waterproof Aluminium Carrying Case (Large Size)
  • Gift Box
  • Instruction Manual

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Aquaplugs are 100% reusable and washable so that you can use your Aquaplugs over and over again! With a noise reduction rating NRR: 15dB they are perfect for days out on the jet ski or boating when you also want to protect your hearing.

Step by Step Guide

When you first open your package, aside from the actual earplugs and the carrying case, you will see the following:

You can set your connector cord aside for now. The main stars of the show, for now, are your ear tips and ear wings! You will have one pair of large ear wings, one pair of medium ear wings, and one pair of small ear wings. You will have four pairs of ear tip sizes, ranging from large to small. When trying the instructions below, make sure to give all the sizes a try to ensure that you’re getting the absolute best fit!

Here are your actual earplugs! Now let’s get to attaching your ear wing.

If you’re not sure what size to choose, we recommend giving them all a try. If you’ve tried our other products, High Fidelity Earplug users typically find a comfortable fit with the large/medium-sized ear wings, and our Smaller Ears Earplugs users find the small ear wings to be the most comfortable.

A rectangular piece is sticking out of your earplugs, and there is a groove matching that piece in the ear wings. Slide that rectangular piece into the ear wing groove.

Ensure that the silicone of the ear wing is entirely encasing the earplug.

Now, for the easy part- slide one of the ear tips onto the earplug stem! And you’re done! Time to get swimmin’.

Please see below if you’d like a visual reference of what the earplug looks like once in the ear.

This user is using the small ear tips with the medium ear wing. When inserting the earplug into your ear, you should not feel any discomfort, and you should feel like the earplug is snugly in place.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to let us know!

1 review for Eargasm Aquaplugs – Waterproof Earplugs

  1. Daniel Evans

    These are the best water earplugs I’ve ever had. I have lost so many pairs over the years because they always fall out. These stayed in place while I swam squad and were brilliant for surfing. Comfy and easy to put in and take out. Five stars!

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