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Product Description

It’s becoming well recognised that getting a good night’s sleep is more important than ever. Research proves that getting enough sleep is key to building a strong immune system that can fight off infection. However, studies show that over a third of adults are not getting the adequate sleep they require.

Amazfit ZenBuds are designed to help you get to sleep easily, the natural way. No pills, no counting sheep, just comfortable, lightweight, noise-blocking earbuds that gently guide you to sleep—and keep you asleep all night long.

Amazfit ZenBuds Charge Case

ZenBud Features

  • Sleep Monitoring
  • In-Ear Design with Noise Blocking
  • Relaxing Sounds
  • Super Light and Comfortable
  • Safe to Wear All Night
  • Personal Alarm Clock
  • 8-Night Full Autonomy

Quality Sound

Amazfit ZenBuds are equipped with Balanced Armature Drivers from Knowles, delivering advanced, high-fidelity acoustics. Amazfit ZenBuds also feature an extensive library of natural, sleep-inducing sounds— from babbling brooks to forest birds—that put you at ease while blocking out all distracting noises. And, when the Smart Playback feature is turned on, the soothing sounds automatically pause once you fall asleep.

Man Sleeping with Amazfit ZenBuds

Sleep Monitoring

Amazfit ZenBuds are also designed to monitor your sleep positions, heart rate and sleep quality, so you’ll awake each morning to insights of your state and stages of sleep that can help you create better sleep habits. And thanks to their ergonomic design, Amazfit ZenBuds fit snugly and won’t fall out while you’re sleeping—even if you toss and turn. The state-of-the-art earbuds can also guide you through deep breathing exercises, helping you relax and calm your mind after a busy day.

Sleep Monitoring Amazfit ZenBuds

Light & Flexible for All-Night Comfort

The ultra-sleek and stylish Amazfit ZenBuds weigh in at just 1.78g per earbud. Extensively tested for a secure and comfy fit, Amazfit ZenBuds feature skin-friendly silicone tips with an elastic and stretchable texture, so they don’t put pressure on the ear or slip out easily when you move. Their softness and flexibility also make cleaning and replacement a snap—simply stretch and remove the tips.

Light Weight Amazfit ZenBuds

Sized to Fit All Ear Sizes

Amazfit ZenBuds come in four sizes with each set, so you can choose the perfect size to fit snugly in your ears. You can even mix and match based on your ear size. The soft silicone ear tips are thermal and sweat-proof, which ensures that they rest comfortably in the outer ear without probing your ear canal or sinking in too deeply.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

A fully charged pair of Amazfit ZenBuds can last up to 12 hours in playback mode, which means you can choose how long the sleep sounds will play—whether it’s 30 minutes, one hour, or five hours. You just set your preference and let the Amazfit ZenBuds carry you off to dreamland, timed just the way you like it.

Or if you prefer to be serenaded all night long, you can switch to Unlimited duration for a full 8 hours of sleep-inducing sounds. With the charging case, you can get an additional 56 hours, allowing up to 8 nights of use on a single charge. So you can wake up well-rested and ready to go.

Unlike the Bose Sleepbuds that we trialled, which had constant battery issues, the Zenbuds will keep playing all night long.

Amazfit ZenBuds in Case

Your Personal Alarm

Amazfit ZenBuds don’t just focus on helping you achieve the perfect night’s sleep, they wake you gently with a personal alarm that increases gradually and won’t disturb anyone around you.

If you sleep with someone by your side, you will know the perils if your alarm wakes your partner before it is time for them to be awake. Amazfit ZenBuds take this problem away because the alarm will only sound in your ear,  therefore leaving your bed mate to sleep in peace.

Sleeping Amazfit ZenBuds

Your Productivity Partner

When it comes to blocking out distracting noises, Amazfit ZenBuds are your ideal partner in productivity. They can even help you better organise your time when you’re awake, thanks to the built-in Pomodoro Timer (PT) that breaks down tasks into 25-minute intervals and helps you stay focused. Take a short break, and Amazfit ZenBuds alert you when it’s time to get back to work, blocking out distractions and playing your favourite soothing sounds to keep you on track all day long.

Amazfit ZenBuds can also act as a personal assistant, providing smart notifications, so you never miss an important call, text or appointment.

Man Working with Amazfit ZenBuds

Technical Features

  • The “automatic pause” function must be activated in the app.
  • Download official sounds from the “Music Library” in the app. Users cannot upload personal tunes to the headphones.
  • The volume of the headphones must be controlled from the app. Cannot be controlled with the phone’s volume buttons
  • Technical parameters
    • Response frequency: 20Hz – 8kHz
    • Integrated sensor: Acceleration sensor
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 BLE
    • System requirements: Android 5.0 or higher, iOS 10 or higher
    • Operating temperature: 0℃~ 45℃
  • Battery
    • Headphone capacity: 10 mAh (each)
    • Charging case capacity: 280 mAh
    • Autonomy:
      • Up to 12 hours (a single charge of the headphones).
      • Up to 8 nights (with all case charges).
      • Running times depend on the conditions of use, such as volume level, file type, etc.
  • Weight
    • Headphone weight: 1.78 g (each)
    • Charging case weight: 50 g

What’s In the Box?

      • 2 x Amazfit ZenBuds (left + right)
      • 1 x Rotatable Charging/Storage Case
      • 2 x Pairs of ear tips (S and L)
      • 1 x USB Type C Charging Cable
      • 1 x User manual

Award Winning

The sleep-oriented Amazfit ZenBuds recently took home the prestigious 2020 Red Dot Design Award.Recognized for their highly innovative features and disruptive design qualities, Amazfit ZenBuds are reimagining the future of smart wearables.

Fit Right, Sleep Tight—Amazfit ZenBuds Are the Perfect Sleep Companion

Amazfit ZenBuds Amazfit ZenBuds are smart, noise-masking earbuds which reduce distracting noises and can play soothing sounds to block out the outside world, helping you to relax, meditate, or focus on work without distraction, and fall asleep at night effortlessly. The smart sleep monitoring function also analyses your sleep quality each night, helping you improve sleeping habits.

Zepp App

Amazfit ZenBuds are connected to the newly-upgraded Zepp App. From the App, you can:

– Transfer selected sounds from the App sound library to the earbuds

– Set the sound you want to play

– Set a play-time or enable automatic turn-off once asleep

– Set your personal alarm

– Set the volume level

– Check your sleep quality report

And much more…



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