Alpine Motosafe Earplugs for Touring

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Product Description

Alpine Motosafe Earplugs for Touring

TOUR  – Single Filter – Medium attenuation (NRR 17DB) Suitable – Tours, holidays and on the motorway

Relaxed Motorcycling 

Ride your motorcycle even more relaxed now! With Alpine MotoSafe earplugs you never have ringing in your ears after a long ride. You prevent hearing damage and feelings of fatigue from wind noise. Did you know that at a speed of 120 kilometres per hour on average, the volume is 98 decibels? This means that already after 7 minutes you risk permanent hearing damage. In addition, you become tired faster due to the loud noise. This means that you ride with less concentration. For this reason, we have developed very comfortable ear protectors. For every type of motorcyclist.

Optimal Attenuation Tour

Alpine MotoSafe filter earplugs damp the harmful noise, without an enclosed feeling. Traffic, navigation, intercom and the motorcycle itself remain audible. The Alpine MotoSafe Tour earplugs are ideal for example for tours, holidays and on the motorway. The earplugs have medium attenuation. Would you like to use the earplugs, for example, on the track or with an open helmet? Then choose the Alpine MotoSafe Race. These earplugs have a heavy attenuation. Would you prefer to have a choice of medium or heavy attenuation depending on the situation? The Alpine MotoSafe Pro consists of two complete sets of motorcycle earplugs: one set of MotoSafe Tour and one set of MotoSafe Race.

Unique Product Features

  • Prevents hearing damage and fatigue from wind noise
  • Traffic and communications system remain audible
  • Ideal for tours, holidays and on the motorway
  • The only motorcycle earplugs with soft filters
  • Very comfortable under the helmet
  • Perfect fit thanks to AlpineThermoShape™ material
  • Soft material, without silicone
  • With free handy storage bag
  • No feeling of being cut off
  • Reusable

Highest Comfort 

Alpine MotoSafe earplugs have a perfect fit. This is because they are made of durable and flexible AlpineThermoShape™ material. The warmth of the ear allows the soft material to mould to the ear canal. Alpine MotoSafe earplugs are also the only ones on the market with soft filters. As a result, they are also very comfortable under a helmet. AlpineThermoShape™ material contains no silicones. For this reason, the earplugs do not sweat, itch or irritate. You can wear them all day without any problems.

FREE Handy Storage Bag

With your Alpine MotoSafe earplugs, you receive a handy storage bag. Simply add it to your keyring, so you always have your earplugs easily to hand.

Product Comparison




Most suitable for

Tours, holidays and on the motorway

On the motorway, the circuit or with an open helmet

Attenuation choice depending on usage situation

Attenuation (SNR)

Medium attenuation (SNR 17)

Heavy attenuation (SNR 20)

 Two full sets: medium attenuation (SNR 17) and heavy attenuation (SNR 20)

Unique soft filters

Traffic and intercom audible

With handy storage bag

With luxury pouch

FREE Alpine Clean cleaning spray (5 ml)

3 reviews for Alpine Motosafe Earplugs for Touring

  1. Steve, Mildura, VIC

    I like the fact that they block out enough noise not to give me ringing in my ears when I get off my bike but allow enough sound that I can comfortably hear whats going on around me.

  2. James Cooper Queensland

    I found the touring version of these earplugs to be fairly effective at reducing wind noise and exhaust noise. I was expecting them to block a lot more sound.
    I am used to foam earplugs which block a heck of a lot more sound but when I wear the foam plugs they block all sound and I can’t hear traffic.
    I wondered if they were working as good as they should then realised that I no longer get the ringing in my ears especially after a long ride

  3. Rob, Sunnyside, SA

    Using similar earplugs for years now. Just bought these as my old ones were just that: OLD. (They were Alpine too)

    I advise all bikers that are on the road to use these earplugs. It will stop the wind noise, without losing the other noises. Plus you stop hearing loss and ringing ears after a long ride!!

    They are comfortable to wear and easy to clean.

    Don’t waste your hearing for a few Dollars!!!

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