Mack’s Shooters Silicone Ear Plugs

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  • Mold to unique contours of any ear, forming a perfect, extremely comfortable, custom fit when applied to the outer ear canal for all day comfort. 
  • The tacky putty forms an airtight seal that no other hearing protection can match
  • Much less expensive, more convenient and easier to use than custom molded plugs
  • Doctor recommended for hearing protection, these earplugs have a substantial noise reduction rating of 22dB
  • FREE Storage case included

 What are others saying about these earplugs?

Robert Keefer…

“Love these ear plugs for swimming and shooting. I’m a Professional Firefighter and the Department paid for custom molded ear protection for all of us. It doesn’t work nearly as well as the Mack’s. I started using the Mack’s as an Ocean Lifeguard. It was great for keeping the water out of my ears. After trying many other hearing protection devices for Target Shooting and Sporting Clays, I settled on Mack’s once again. The silicone molds too the ear perfectly. Your ear canal is not the same size in cold weather as in warm. The Mack’s conforms to the conditions of your ear canal on that particular day. If it changes during the day, simply re-mold the Mack’s. I found that the Mack’s fit me the best if I open my mouth very wide and conform the Mack’s to my ear while my mouth is open. If I don’t do this, they seem to want to pop out. Get them for anything you need ear protection for. You will not be disappointed and if you are, you’ll have only spent a fraction of what I spent before using Mack’s.”


“Work as good as in the ear plugs, but more comfortable. You really do forget you have them on.”

Jeff C…

“These ear plugs are a totally different concept than any other type I’ve ever used. I primarily wear ear plugs for shooting and for flying on military aircraft.

These are very comfortable for wear but take a little longer to get situated. They would ideally be for wear during longer duration when taking them in and out wouldn’t be necessary.

This sticky sort of putty adheres around the outside of the ear canal rather than retention by filling the inside. You roll them into a ball then press them all around your ear canal. This way, they don’t fill up and cause discomfort inside the ear canal. They are more comfortable for long duration.”


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3 reviews for Mack’s Shooters Silicone Ear Plugs

  1. Greg, Hendra, Qld

    Good earplugs for sleeping and blocking out the sound of the birds in the morning

  2. David

    I need serious silence when I sleep. I have used many different kinds of ear plugs over the years and these are my new favourite. I was using another brand that was similar but they left a residue in my ear. These don’t leave any residue, are comfortable, easy to use, stay in very well, are reusable many times and are a lot less expensive than my last brand.

  3. Ellie Meadowbrook qld

    I have a grommet in my right ear and have to keep my ear dry when i shower
    these ear plugs are perfect for this

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