Macks Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs

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Product Description

When it comes to your hearing health, there’s no room for compromise. That’s why Mack’s Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs provide some of the highest noise reduction ratings around (32 decibels).

Whether you’re trying to get some work done in a noisy office or catch up on some much-needed sleep, these earplugs will do the trick. Made with soft foam that moulds to your ear canal, they’re also comfortable enough for long-term use.

Macks Ultra Soft Soft Foam Earplugs

These ear plugs provide superior hearing protection for people who work in noisy environments or need to get some sleep despite a snoring partner.

Providing a high noise reduction rating (NRR) of 32 decibels, these quality ear plugs are the number one choice for hearing protection.

Macks Snore Blockers Soft Foam Bulk Ear Plugs - 100 pair Tub

Ideal For:

  • Sleeping 
  • Construction – Machinery & Power Tools 
  • Car & Motorcycle Racing Events
  • Studying 
  • Loud events / Air Shows / Concerts 
  • Snoring Partners
  • MotorSport Events – Such as Car Racing, V8, Indy Cars, Formula 1, Grand Prix
  • Monster Truck Events
  • Power Tools
  • Concerts & Music Events
  • Shooting

Great for Blocking All Noise

Whether you find yourself regularly in a noisy work environment surrounded by harmful power tools, or trying to get some much-needed sleep next to a snoring partner. Macks Ultra Soft Foam Ear Plugs will do the trick!

Why You Will Love Macks Ultra Soft

HIGH NOISE REDUCTION RATING – These ear plugs have a noise reduction rating of 32db, making them one of the best noise blockers on the market. If you’re looking for a way to reduce the amount of noise in your environment, look no further than Macks Ultra Soft Foam Ear Plugs!

– COMPLETE COMFORT – The ultra soft, smooth foam makes them incredibly comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. You’ll barely even notice that you’re wearing them!

– HYPOALLERGENIC – Made with hypoallergenic foam, these ear plugs are perfect for people with sensitive ears.

– NOISE BLOCKER – The tight seal created by the soft foam ensures that maximum noise is blocked out, allowing you to protect your ears from harmful damage.

GREAT NEUTRAL TONE MAKES THEM MORE DISCREET – Macks Ultra Soft Foam Ear Plugs are a great way to block out unwanted noise. Their neutral colour means they can be worn in any situation, making them more discreet and less noticeable.

– ULTRA NOISE BLOCKER – ONE OF THE BEST NOISE BLOCKERS ON THE MARKET – NRR 32db. No 1 Doctor Recommended Brand for Noise Protection. The highest NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) of any foam ear plug on the market today!

– NO NEED TO WORRY ABOUT LOSING YOUR EAR PLUGS AGAIN – Our patented design is made from soft foam that moulds to the shape of your

Mack's Ultra Foam Earplugs 100 Pair Tub

Handy Carry Case

Practical FREE Keychain Carrying Case included with every box of 30 to ensure you don’t ever leave home without them. Or keep them clean and accessible in your top drawer.

So affordable at less than $1.00 per pair, you’ve no excuse for not protecting your ears with these little beauties!

Customer Reviews

“I have tried many different ear plugs over the years and can say that Macks Ultra Ear Plugs are the most comfortable, long wearing and effective ones I’ve had for blocking out noise. Many other I’ve tried don’t seem to last as long or feel as comfortable, when you’re wearing them all night to block out your wife’s snoring you need that! Give them a go!” …Carlton

“Living in an inner city apartment, I could not imagine getting a good night sleep without these little beauties! They are soft, easy to wear and very economical. They are comfortable to wear which is important for me because I wear them for work and at night to sleep. Funnily enough I regularly put them through the wash in my work shirt pocket (accidentally) and they come out new! When I’ve done that before with other ear plugs they’ve perished, not that I’m an advocate of doing this to your ear plugs deliberately but it says a lot for the quality.” …Anthony

How to Wear

As for all disposable foam ear plugs, ensuring correct insertion will get the best hearing protection and noise blocking ability.

With clean hands, softly roll the ear plugs between your thumb and pointer finger, pull ear out and away from the head, insert the ear plug and hold in the ear whilst foam expands into the ear canal.





3 reviews for Macks Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs

  1. Nick, Lynton, South Australia

    I really like these earplugs. I found them very comfortable and they do a good job at blocking noise. I can honestly say I can’t remember when I slept so well. Sounds funny but, I’ve found that the way that I insert them makes a big difference to how much noise they block so make sure you watch the video. I make sure that I hold them in place while I wait for them to expand in my ear before I take my finger away.

  2. Dave Carson, WA

    I am a shift worker and get home early in the morning, shortly there after my neighbour decides mow his lawns, leaf blow, drill, play loud music and make whatever other noise he can make. My appeals have fallen of deaf ears. (No pun intended)
    Without these earplugs I could not exist. They are great at blocking his cacophony of sounds.

  3. Rhiannon French

    Dear Sleep and Sound Team,

    I have recently purchased a 12 pair pack of your “Macks Comfy Cush Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs” and I felt compelled to send you some feedback about your product.

    Before I do I want to give you background information as to why I was so adamant to get in touch with you.

    I live in Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. I have been a shift worker for the majority of my life (approximately 25 years) 12 years in the Royal Australian Air Force as a Communicator, 3 years as a Medical Evacuation Flight Coordinator and 10 years as a Fire Service Emergency Dispatcher (similar to your 911 dispatchers). During this time I have generally worked on a two day shift, followed by two night shifts, and then a four day rest period.

    I have always struggled with sleeping during the night shifts, just due to people going about their normal day to day business unaware that I was in bed trying to sleep. I have tried numerous types of hearing protection, such as ear plugs, ear muffs (which always came off or hurt my ears), to even trying playing light music. With often little or no effect.

    When I served in the military here in Australia we were issued ear plugs similar to yours, usually a yellow soft foam product (sorry I dont know the brand but it wasnt one of your products), and I often found them to be only about 50% effective.

    Now that I have purchased your product I actually know why, yours is the first product of its type that actually explains on the box to lift the ear up before inserting the ear plug.

    I actually purchased your product more recently, even though I no longer do shift work, I think my time on shift has made me a very light sleeper, and I am very conscious of noise. Where we currently live we pick up a little bit of noise from a nearby road, which my wife seems to sleep through, but it was disturbing me.

    I have to be 100% up front and honest with you, I cant hear a thing when I have your ear plugs in my ears. I think finally after all of these years and thanks to the instructions on your product I am finally using foam ear plugs in the correct manner.

    Thank you very much, and best regards,

    William Perry

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