Macks Maximum Protection Soft Foam Earplugs 33db

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Macks Hearing Protection have finally released the “Mack Daddy” of ear all plugs, (drum-roll) “Mack’s Maximum Protection Soft Foam Ear Plugs!”

Made with quality, hypoallergenic Comfy Cush™ foam for MAXIMUM comfort and best of all MAXIMUM hearing protection!

High Noise Reduction

NRR stands for Noise Reduction Rating. 

Macks Maximum Protection are an excellent all-around noise blocker for a wide range of hearing protection applications. These standard sized ear plugs offer top-notch NRR 33 protection from noise, which is ideal for any high-noise environment, from a factory floor, to a car race, to sharing a bed with the world’s loudest snorer.

What To Look For In An Earplug

There are some non negotiable criteria that we shouldn’t settle for second best on when it comes to choosing the right earplug to protect our ears. You only get one pair, so they’re definitely worth looking after wouldn’t you agree?!


First and foremost, people look for an earplug that blocks out noise. All earplugs come with a noise reduction rating (NRR) this indicates how much sound the earplugs will effectively block.

Macks Maximum Protection Soft Foam Earplugs have the highest NRR of 33db


It’s a no brainer that our second consideration is for them to be comfortable so that we can wear them for long periods of time, either whilst working during the day or sleeping at night.

Macks Maximum Earplugs are made from a super soft foam which expands to fit the contours of your ear canal creating a nice seal from sound without placing to much pressure and causing discomfort.

Easy to Wear

No one wants to fumble and fuss trying to get ear plugs to stay in place because the foam won’t compress to stay in the ear canal. These earplugs are easy to insert and remove and when put in right they will stay put until you want to remove them.


Additionally, the Maximum Protections are hypoallergenic – this means that they are not going to cause irritations to your ears and or cause any discomfort our pain in your ear canal.


Due to the materials some earplugs are made of, they get dirty (from ear wax & dirty hands when inserting or removing them) and they lose their properties for effective noise blocking and comfort.

We’ve tested the Maximums and they maintain their shape after repeated use.


Although classified as a disposable earplug – you can safely and effectively get more than one use out of each pair. Depending on the amount of earwax that you produce (ear wax is totally normal and healthy by the way) will determine how many wears you can get.

Just a little reminder, we always recommend that you insert and remove earplugs with clean & dry hands.

Value For Money

Macks Maximum Protection Earplugs now come in a handy 50 pair jar!

That makes them about 50c per pair, we can’t think of a cheaper alternative for a quality soft foam earplug than that

What Are You Waiting For?


* Each pack includes 10 pairs of Macks Maximum Protection Soft Foam Earplugs in a resealable storage bag and a handy FREE travel case!

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Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 2 × 9 × 7 cm

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8 reviews for Macks Maximum Protection Soft Foam Earplugs 33db

  1. James Wood, Mooloolaba QLD

    Great for helping me stay asleep when the hooligans make their way home noisily from the clubs on Friday and Saturday nights.

  2. Ally, South Australia

    I wear these to help block my husbands snoring and they are perfect for when I use our leaf blower.
    They’re comfortable and good at blocking out noise.

  3. Steph

    Before buying these I thought ear plugs hurting or not fitting right was standard with smaller ears. Now I know that isn’t the case. They blocked out a great amount of noise which is a huge benefit for me as a shift worker and after 8 hours of sleep with them in, my ears didn’t hurt. Love them and will be coming back for more!

  4. Bert

    I bought some standard 26 decibel plugs from the hardware store that didn’t fit well and underperformed.
    I thought these wouldn’t be that much better but the high decibel rating really does make a difference and they fit excellently and way more comfortably over a night’s sleep. They muffle sound better too especially distant traffic that I bought them for. They don’t work miracles and you can still hear the noise but it’s manageable enough to not wake you from a deep sleep. Cost delivered worked out to $2 a pair so that is also reasonable.

  5. Amanda, Longreach Qld

    I play competitive sports and am away from home a lot.
    I find it very difficult to sleep in different places all the time.
    A team mate gave me a pair of her earplugs to try and I’ve not looked back since! I would highly recommend anyone who can’t sleep try these earplugs!

  6. Carrie, Peregian Beach Qld

    Comfortable and good at blocking out my noisy neighbours so I can sleep!

  7. William Moore

    I work for a construction company and we are given disposable soft foam earplugs at work.
    I was recently doing some renovations on my brother in-laws house and he uses these Macks earplugs.
    Until then I truly thought that all earplugs were the same, however no so.
    I’ll continue to use these from now on.

  8. William Todd

    I have severe hyperacusis which is especially sensitive early in the morning. I fall asleep listening to soft tunes with my “Plugphones” and iPhone. At some point without really waking up I pop the Plugphones out and pop in the Mack’s 32db earphones and slide on a sleep mask. I then proceed to have a restful sleep for another few hours.
    For the reviewers who feel these earplugs are too small, ears come in all shapes and sizes, not only that but your ear opening may feel different at times and that’s normal. Usually if you give the plug a quick roll with your fingertips and then quickly slide them in your ear it will expand to your ear snugly. But sometimes I have to manipulate them a little.
    Also keep in mind that these come in a big bottle because they’re disposable. Sometimes I do wear them for 3 or 4 nights if they keep they’re shape, but I also occasionally toss them after one night if they loose their pliability.

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