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Did you know… Approximately 45 percent of the population snore! Eeek! 25 percent are habitual snorers who keep their partners awake on a regular basis. No wonder so many people are so tired all the time these days!

So… you’re not alone…

I Can’t Sleep…

We all constantly seeing articles pop up in our news feed, on TV, in brochures, on the back of buses about sleep, or should I say, the lack there of and the dire effects that it is having daily on the Australian population.

I recently read an article in the ABC news titled “We’re not sleeping enough and it’s literally killing us” it went on to say that “We all know that when we don’t sleep enough, the following day will be painful.”

“But alarming new research confirms that’s not where the repercussions end, We don’t sleep enough. Our doctors tell us this, assorted lifestyle gurus tell us this, and our bodies tell us this every time we wake up feeling like our heads have been gently bludgeoned with a fence paling.”

In the same article Dr Ben Carson goes on to say “But instead of heeding the message and retreating to slumberland, with earplugs, eye masks and a soothing recording we struggle on.”

Why do we do this to ourselves?

You deserve a good night sleep!

Macks soft foam hypoallergenic Snore Blockers earplugs have been a favourite of many people longing for a peaceful sleep.

Noise is one of the main offenders when it comes to not being able to sleep. Anyone who has ever experienced sleeping next to someone who snores knows how much it impacts our sleep, often causing insomnia and or a broken nights sleep.

A broken night sleep can be just as harmful to our body as having “no sleep”

Sleep scientist Dr Carmel Harrington, recently commissioned by the well known IBIS hotel corporation states that “Sleep is a time when all the systems of our body, including our brain, have the chance to rest and repair and without this our biological systems and our mood state suffer. “

A solution is here!

Macks Snore Blockers Block Noise from:

  • Snoring Partners
  • Roommates
  • Fishing Buddies
  • Travel Mates

Noise Reduction Rating: 32dB

Quality and Comfort

Macks Snore Blockers are renowned for their extreme comfort and noise blocking capability. 

  • COMFORTABLE – Can comfortably wear them all night/day long
  • HYPOALLERGENIC – No nasty chemicals or ingredients that will irritate your ears

Unlike many inferior Chinese hearing protection products that you will find on the market, our ever-popular Mack’s quality soft foam ear plugs are made in Sweden, with strict quality control. 

Macks continue year after year to maintain the excellence in their products and choose to use only the best of non-allergenic materials.

The Snore Blockers 12 pair will be sure to help you achieve a much needed good night sleep.

The super soft foam of these ear plugs are perfect for times when they may be needed to be worn for extended periods. They have been specifically designed with a unique hollow end, perfect for sleeping so that when you roll around the foam cushions softly to the ear canal.  

Available also in 100 Pair Tubs

Perfect for workplaces when you want optimum noise blocking earplugs


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5 reviews for Mack’s Snore Blockers Ear Plugs

  1. Toni Ashton

    They definitely reduced the noise level of my husbands snoring. They took a few nights to get used to wearing and to making sure that I had inserted them correctly. The are a lot better and more comfortable than other brands that I have tried. I will buy them again. Thank you

  2. Rowena, Bundaberg, Qld

    My husband snores, LOUDLY and these make it so much more bearable. I ran out of ear plugs last week and tried to sleep next to him without them but I ended up sleeping on the lounge.
    I wont be running out again!

  3. Alice, Taylors Lakes, VIC

    These plugs are fantastic! Completely block out my husbands heavy snoring. So good to be a able to get a good nights sleep again, thank you!

  4. Janet, Northcote, VIC

    The are very comfortable and seem to do a good job blocking noise as I am no longer waking through the night when my flatmate gets home from work.

  5. Carol Barnett

    Have been using these in our workplace for years. We recently tried some others and the staff complained about the comfort and noise blocking effectiveness. We’ll continue to stick with these. Tammy and the staff at Sleep and Sound are always super helpful and our orders get to us next day always! Thanks guys

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