Mack’s Wax Away Earwax Removal Drops

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Mack`s Wax Away Earwax Removal Drops are a fast acting, easy to use solution for removing earwax. The formula is designed to work on the toughest earwax and help loosen it so that it can be easily removed. It also moisturises delicate areas of your ears and has been pH balanced.

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Product Description

Mack’s Wax Away is formulated for fast acting relief from earwax buildup. Mack’s wax away is a safe and gentle way to remove excess earwax without the discomfort of cotton swabs or other harsh methods. The solution, which contains moisturising agents, loosens hardened cerumen while conditioning the delicate lining of your ear canal.

It also has a pH balanced formula that soothes inflamed skin in your ears, and it can be used as often as needed until you experience relief from symptoms such as itching, irritation or hearing loss caused by impacted earwax.

In addition to removing excess wax build up, Mack’s Wax Away will help keep your ears clean and healthy through regular use.

A fast acting solution to remove earwax, Mack`s Wax Away Earwax Removal Drops can be used for both children and adults.

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Mack’s Wax Away Earwax Removal Drops

Removing earwax is a simple maintenance procedure that generally does not require an expensive visit to the doctors. Once you experience cleaning your own ears you will wonder why in the world you waited so long to start doing it yourself.

The procedure is not difficult, dangerous or mysterious. But first, you need to make sure your ears are healthy. If they are not, then by all means pay a visit to your doctor to have the earwax removed.

Indications that you should see a doctor include any of the following: ear drainage or discharge, ear pain, irritation or a rash in the ear, recent ear surgery that has not yet healed completely, any hole (perforation) in your eardrum, dizziness, or an active ear infection. If you do not have any of these indicators, it should be safe to clean your ears yourself.

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Medically Proven to Remove Earwax Gently & Safely

  • Medically approved drops safely and gently remove excess ear wax (cerumen)
  • Fast-acting agent is formulated to treat earwax and foam on contact, helping to soften, loosen and break up hardened/impacted earwax
  • Moisturising agent helps loosen ear wax while conditioning the delicate lining of the ear canal
  • Ideal for hearing aid users or anyone who produces excessive earwax. From Mack’s, the #1 Doctor Recommended Brand

Is Earwax OK?

Contrary to what most people think, earwax is a good thing.

It keeps the ear clean and protects the ear by trapping dirt particles, dust and bacteria.

For most people, earwax does not cause a problem. However, for some, too much ear wax can. Excessive earwax can build up and block the ear canal, leading to ear discomfort, itching, partial loss of hearing and other conditions.

Wax Away helps keep earwax soft and helps you maintain healthy ears.

Wax Away Ear Drops For Wax Removal

Contains carbamide peroxide, which helps soften and loosen ear wax. This aids easy removal, may reduce the need for syringing, and also helps relieve ear wax discomfort.

Do not use cotton swabs, or any other substance to remove earwax. This can do more harm by pushing the earwax deeper into the ear canal, causing greater buildup and risking damage to the eardrum and lining of the ear canal.

Also, try not to get water, soap or shampoo in your ear canal and keep your ears dry as much as possible. After swimming or showering, shake your head to remove water from the ear canal, and gently dry your ears with the corner of a tissue or towel.

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  • Do not use if the eardrum is perforated or if discharge is present.
  • Do not use if there is pain or dizziness, or if ear surgery has been performed within the past 6 weeks.
  • Do not use if you have an injury or perforation (hole) of the eardrum or after ear surgery unless directed by a doctor.
  • Not recommended for treatment of pain of raw inflamed tissue, swimmer’s ear or itching or the ear canal.
  • Use in children under 12 years only on the advice of your doctor or pharmacist. Avoid contact with the eyes or naked flame. If pain or irritation occurs, or if the condition persists, consult your doctor.


  • Tilt head to one side and place 5 to 10 drops in the ear.
  • Keep head tilted for several minutes before turning to the other side and repeating for the other ear.
  • Cotton wool may also be inserted to keep drops in the ear.
  • Bottle tip should not enter the ear canal.

Water in Ears?

After flushing the earwax from your ear canals, you can help dry the water that sometimes remains in the ear by using Mack’s Dry-n-Clear Ear Drying Aid. Mack’s Dry-n-Clear ear drops help relieve the discomfort of water-clogged ears from swimming, bathing, showering, and water sports by drying excess water.

Ear Candling, Cotton Tips & Oral Irrigators

These 3 methods are considered unsafe and or ineffective by the medical field.

The formula contained in Mack’s® Wax Away® is the only formula considered by the FDA as safe and effective for earwax removal.

1.  An ear candle is a hollow cone made of paraffin and beeswax with cloth on the tapered end. The tapered end is placed inside the ear, and an assistant lights the other end, while making sure your hair does not catch on fire. In theory, as the flame burns, a vacuum is created, which draws the wax out of the ear. Clinical trials, however, showed that no vacuum was created, and no wax was removed.  Furthermore, physicians find that the burning wax can enter the ear and cause ear burns and a hole in your eardrum.

2.  Using cotton-tipped swabs is ineffective and can be dangerous.  Using cotton-tipped swabs to remove earwax can cause small scratches or tears in the ear canal, increasing the risk of infection.  Furthermore, placing objects in the ear often makes matters worse by pushing wax further back into the canal creating a hard clot of impacted earwax. Impacted earwax can cause you to experience impaired hearing, a feeling of fullness in the ear, itching in the ear, or ringing in the ear.  By using these swabs you also run the risk of puncturing your eardrum.

3.  You should never use oral irrigators to remove earwax from your ear canal, as they can cause a puncture to your eardrum.

Ears Still feel Clogged?

Impacted earwax will absorb the ear drops and may increase the clogged-ear sensation during treatment. Some stubborn earwax impactions may require a more aggressive removal method administered by a medical professional. If you have completed the full 4-day treatment, flushed the ear canal with the ear syringe and still have not experienced relief, please consult an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) physician or audiologist.





6 reviews for Mack’s Wax Away Earwax Removal Drops

  1. James, Footscray VIC

    I have a problem with wax build u in my ears and have regular trips to my GP to get it removed. I’ve tried other removers and I’ve found they don’t work or they cause a burning sensation in my ears.
    This solution works and doesn’t hurt my ears at all. So good to be able to do it myself at home without making apts at my Dr’s. Much better for my pride too.

  2. Mike, Samford Valley QLD

    Simple to use and very effective, would recommend 100%.

  3. Alysa C

    I used these on my husband and we could not believe the amount of gunk that came out! Sorry a bit gross. But, I had to share because he said that he can now hear better! Curiosity got the better of me and I tried them myself. I like!

  4. Claudette Syme

    As a pharmacist, I use and recommend these earwax removal drops. Super easy to use, and they have a moisturising agent in them, so they are not harsh like others I have tried in the past.

  5. Dorothea

    I am prone to ear infections and therefore my ears get stuffed up. This is the only product that I have tried that tends to relieve it.

  6. Mike

    These drops are great, easy to use & saves me a trip to my doctor, who just does the same thing.

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