Mack's Pro Rinse Earwax Removal Kit

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Looking for the ideal white noise machine for babies? Help soothe your baby to sleep with the lul of white noise to mask all other
unwanted noise to help baby fall asleep and stay asleep the night through!

The most effective DIY way to remove earwax. Pro Rinse Earwax Removal Kit assist you remove excess earwax to have healthy ears and hear more clearly.

Cotton tipped earbuds are considered to be ineffective and potentially dangerous by many doctors.

Kit contains:

  • Super Soft Rinse Tip on Bellow Syringe
  • Foaming Action Earwax Removal – Carbamide Peroxide Drops
  • Mack’s AquaBlok Earplugs (to hold drops in ears, allowing user ability to move about while treatment is underway)
  • Ear Wash Rinse Tub

Unique Tri-Stream Tip

  • Reduces risk of over insertion
  • Directs water against ear canal wall, virtually eliminating risk of eardrum perforation
  • Prohibits pressure build-up during rinse action

Super Soft Rinse Tip on Bellow Syringe

  • Easy-to-hold / Easy-to-use
  • Provides control of rinse-flow rate
  • Works with Tri-Stream Rinse Tip

1 review for Mack’s Pro Rinse Earwax Removal Kit

  1. Paul, Emerald, Qld

    I suffer from a build up of earwax and ordinarily have to have it treated to have it removed. The nurse who normally does this suggested this particular product.
    It was so quick & easy, inexpensive & pain free. Now I can do this in the comfort of my own home.

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