Luxury Opulence Plush Sleep Mask with Earplugs

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The Opulence Eye Mask is made of fully breathable, extra indulgent, silky plush, mink material. Some people have called this mask “a doona for the eyes”.

This luxury mask makes for extra comfort and style.

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Product Description


opulence plush sleep mask black front

Silky Soft and 100% Light Blockout

It is very similar to our Dreamer Sleep Mask in design but slightly more padded, with a soft, smooth outer fabric. Designed with travelling in mind, this mask also has been created with a very convenient built-in pocket for handy storage of your ear plugs. It makes for the perfect travelling companion when away from home.

Crafted with a wide soft elastic band, this mask can easily fit all faces with a simple adjustment to the velcro strap. Some people like sleep masks to sit lighter on the face, whilst others prefer them to fit firmer – particularly people who sleep on their sides.

Like all of our quality sleeps masks we have designed the Opulence to sit away from the eye area. The super-soft, 100% cotton interlocking cushioning sits comfortably across the bridge of the nose and follows the line underneath the eyes. This design ensures that no pressure is felt in the eye area. The inner fabric of the sleep mask, which rests over the eyes and face, features soft black material, also 100% cotton, to ensure great light block out.

Hand made as always with quality and comfort in mind, the Opulence Luxury Sleep Mask ticks all the right boxes for a remarkable night’s sleep!

A must-try today, for the perfect sleep tonight!


Simply choose the gift box option to complete the finishing touches for the ideal present for your loved one!

Here’s what others have said:

“I have tried many expensive sleep masks over the years and Opulence, Escape and Infinity are my three favourites. Opulence gives 100% light blockage (i.e., total blackness) even for daytime naps, it’s extremely comfortable to wear, and it stays in place all night long.

One thing to be aware of is that Opulence is a bit thicker and bulkier than Escape/Infinity, which makes it heavier to wear, and gives it the potential to be a bit hot in the warmer months. However, on the plus side, it is unbelievably soft and comfortable to wear. Opulence also lacks the cut-out eye cavities that Escape and Infinity have.

However despite this I still find there is no irritating pressure on the eyelids and I can still open my eyes and be in total darkness while the mask is on. If you’re looking for a mask for travel then this is a good pick because of the earplug storage pocket. I highly recommend this mask.”

“The softest mask ever. Blocks light and is very comfortable. Can’t sleep without it. Durable and washes well”

“What would I do without my sleep mask?! I’m on my second one and my sister is on her third. It’s super soft, comfortable, and it completely blocks the light. If I want to take a nap, it’s indispensable. When I’m travelling overseas, it’s just mandatory. Love this product.”



As with all our masks, simply hand wash and lay flat to dry.

Can you ask for better quality in a Sleep Mask than one that is hand made!


5 reviews for Luxury Opulence Plush Sleep Mask with Earplugs

  1. Bob (Cairns, Qld)

    This product works. If you take the trouble to adjust it to suit your head shape. it does what it claims to do. May be a little hot in summer. The velcro fastening is at the back of the head, which could be a tad uncomfortable depending on how you sleep. The straps might tend to drop onto your ears, and the padded bridge to drop onto your nose. But none of these minor adjustment issues detracts from this being a good product that works.

  2. Rashelle, Canberra

    I’ve always used Sleep Masks (it has always been so hard to find quality ones), in the past I’ve bought and used sleep masks from Peter Alexander and Myer. I though they were as good as it got until I discovered Sleep Buddy! There truly is no comparison, they have the best masks I have ever seen.
    The Opulence is as the name says, a luxury eye mask. It is so much softer and more comfortable than other masks I’ve had. This one is like a doona for your eyes. I found this mask good for side sleeping also.
    I also love the earplugs – I have to say that I’ve never tried them before now but now I am a convert – love the handy little much at the front of this mask for earplug storage. Will be very useful when I travel.
    I am so glad I’ve found this website!

  3. Karlie, Gordonvale, Qld

    I have searched high and low to find a “nice” sleep mask. Then I found Sleep Buddy and I found LOTS of gorgeous designs.
    I am tragic Breakfast at Tiffanys fan and have an aqua sleep mask like the one Holly wore in the movie. I love it, but it is no where near as soft and comfy as my new Opulence sleep mask! I love that it’s sits off my eyes so I can open and shut them comfortably.
    I’m trying the Dreamer Patterned one next. Thanks Sleep Buddy x

  4. Bec, Buddina, Qld

    This plush eye mask is very comfortable, although the contours take getting used to and I find it fits better if you sleep on your back, or If using it on a plane. It has become my travel essential!

  5. Belinda Morisson

    Got given this as a gift from the kids and I love it. It’s like a little pillow for my eyes.

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