Dreamer Luxury – Patterned Stylish Sleep Mask

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The beautiful big sister of the Dreamer Sleep Mask!

The Dreamer Patterned Eye Mask shares all the features of the ever popular Dreamer Eye Mask but with bright, stylish, fun prints!

The unique design of the soft, padded raised rim featured on the inside of the mask provides total comfort and block out from light.

What are others saying?

“I love this mask! I’ve bought several (usually 2 a year) and can’t sleep without it. I’m a side sleeper and I find it does very little moving thanks to the strap. I especially like that this is machine washable as I have oily skin, so its easy to clean. As long as this mask is produced, I will keep buying them.” Vicki…

“I love, love, love my Dream Essential Sleep Masks. I began using them several years ago for travel, which made time shifting to distance time zones so much easier, and allowed me to sleep through lights on, or daylight. I have been using them for daily sleep at home ever since, easily blocking out all of the ambient natural and electronic light sources. This is my all-time favourite; I like the cushion around the edges for comfort and suspending the mask away from the eyelid, as well as the broad, soft, stretchable band. I have made a gift of this mask to friends and family, night shift workers, and friends who live in the far north of the northern hemisphere and have 16 hours of daylight at certain times of year.” Lora…

“This mask has changed my life! I suffer with Chronic Migraine headaches everyday. This mask is the only one that I have tried that is comfortable, light blocking and doesn’t put any additional pressure on my head because of the wide and adjustable band. What a great design. Thank you for this great sleep mask!” Pamela… 

“For at least the past two years, I have been using a Dream Essentials sleep mask that I have been very happy with. Recently I recommended it to my boyfriend, who has just gone on a second shift and needs a sleep mask for the morning when the sun comes up. When I went to order it, I discovered it has been discontinued. I decided – after much emailing back and forth with customer service – to order the Dreamer for both of us. WOW!! If I thought the other sleep mask was great, the Dreamer is absolutely incredible! The fabric is so comfortable, the sleep mask is much thicker, and it stays in place much better with the new Comfort Snug head band, keeping out the light even better. I cannot rave enough about this sleep mask! I have only used it for a couple of nights, and I am already going to order another one. I got the Summer Butterflies, and it is beautiful as well as incredibly functional.” Carol…



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Dimensions 25 × 10 × 2 cm


3 reviews for Dreamer Luxury – Patterned Stylish Sleep Mask

  1. Rebekah, Wembley Downs, Western

    I received this sleep mask as a gift for my birthday and have to say it was the most thoughtful gift my children/husband could have bought me.
    I can honestly say that I am able to go to sleep and stay asleep so much better with my new sleep mask. My daughter chose the wild flowers pattern. I love the colours & I love my sleep mask!

  2. Sue

    Looks good and blocks light well.

  3. Charmaine East Perth

    I found this mask to be very comfortable to wear. The padding is thicker at the bottom of the mask which was nice that the it sat off my face.
    The first time I wore it I thought it was going to be too firm, like anything material it softens more over time and after I washed it. The inside material is very soft and good at keeping the light out.

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