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The Alpine Muffys Children’s Earmuffs are the only safe CE-certified kids earmuff on the market! Whether it’s a music event, busy city centre, noisy ride or flight or loud fireworks, Alpine Muffys earmuffs will keep your Child’s ears safe. They have been specifically designed for children with no hard edges so they are gentle on delicate skin and come in a range of funky styles to suit all tastes.

The soft headband is adjustable to fit any size and shape of head from toddlers up to adults. And with their patented sound-attenuating system you can be sure that every last decibel of sound is muffled before it reaches your child’s ears.

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Product Description

Whether it’s a music event, busy city centre, noisy ride or flight or loud fireworks, Alpine Muffys earmuffs will keep your Childs ears safe

The Alpine Muffys Children’s Earmuffs are the only safe CE-certified kids earmuff on the market!

Loud noise can affect your child’s hearing

Our children’s senses are far more delicate than those of adults.

Children are too often exposed to too much noise, which is too loud for them. Research shows that 1 in 8 children are suffering from permanent hearing damage because they are being exposed to too much noise.

Alpine Muffy Benefits

  • Recommended for Children 2 and Over (up to 16 years)
  • Very comfortable because of its soft headband
  • Foldable, easy to take with you
  • Robust and Durable,
  • High Quality Dutch Design
  • Easy to Clean with Free Protect & Go Carry-Case
  • SNR Value of 25 dB


Alpine Muffy Ear Muffs for Children

  • COMFORTABLE – Soft padded headband and ear covering
  • FUNKY – Trendy, cool colours and design
  • ROBUST – High quality, strong and durable
  • ADJUSTABLE – Adjustable size to fit any child
  • COMPACT – Foldable, easy to take with you & store
  • GREAT COLOURS – Available in 3 colour designs suitable for boys & girls
  • QUALITY – Dutch design
  • FREE CARRY CASE – Protect & Go (with a place to label with your child’s name)
  • BLOCKS NOISE – Sound Noise Reduction Rating (SNR) value of 25 decibels
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Simply Wipe Over with Damp Cloth (store in carry case).
  • AGE – Suitable 2 – 16 years


Alpine Muffy - Kids Ear Muffs

What are the main causes of Hearing Loss in Children?

Any loud and or constant noise.

Concerts and venues playing music are causes of potentially damaging noise. Worse still, noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) cannot be repaired. Once the damage is done to our children’s ears, or ours, that hearing it sadly, cannot be restored.

It makes so much sense that you are here reading this today to take action in protecting your child’s hearing.


Hearing loss can be prevented!

In our ever-growing noisy world, not all exposure to noise can be prevented, but with a little effort from you, it is easy to shelter your child’s ears and protect their hearing when the noise is too loud for long periods of time.


15 reviews for Alpine Muffy – Kids Ear Muffs

  1. Cathy, Melbourne, VIC

    We’ve already used them at a recent family night out where there were fireworks. The first time that our children have not cried and tried to block their ears. They’re great

  2. Andy, Docklands, Vic

    We were recommended these ear muffs from a friend who uses them for her children.
    We go to church and it’s quite loud when everyone is singing and it upsets our baby.
    Since buying these our baby actually goes to sleep and it means my wife no longer has to sit outside with my daughter and miss out on mass.

  3. Becky, Mt Barker, SA

    My husband rides motocross and my children are forever around loud noise.
    We’ve always had them wear earmuffs & they love their new Muffys and the cool new colours.
    I’ve bought them for my nephews and niece for their birthdays too because they always want to wear them when they come over.
    Maybe it’s not just the motorbikes that are noisy?! Hehe
    Thanks Ear Store team for your great service, as always and fast shipping!

  4. Janine, Surry Hills, Nsw

    My daughter has aspergers, a milder form of autism, which makes her sensitive to noise and loud sounds.
    She has difficulty concentrating and has trouble trying to focus when doing her homework.
    She wears these earmuffs at home and is able to get through her work so much faster with little to no anxiety.
    She wears the Alpine Pluggies earplugs at times when needed for school.
    We would also not be able to attend places such as the Royal Easter Show, fireworks displays etc without these!
    If your child is bothered by noise I highly recommend both of these products.

  5. Chris, Acacia Ridge QLD

    My husband races motorcycles so my children and I spend a lot of time trackside and around a lot of loud noise!
    My children refuse to go near the bikes without wearing their muffys. I am so glad that they are so conscious of noise and protecting their hearing.
    Both my husband and I suffer from tinnitus and mild hearing loss. I totally put it down to many years of being around the bikes without having proper hearing protection.
    I’m so glad that there is so much more awareness to protect our children’s hearing these days! Keep up the good work Ear Store!

  6. Belinda, Carindale Qld

    My husband races motorbikes and the whole family often goes along for support.
    Alpine Muffys are fantastic! They come in modern colours, with a handy carry bag and they block all the harmful noise.
    Thanks for the fabulous service Ear Store!

  7. Janie, Port Augusta South Australia

    My husband initially bought a cheap pair of earmuffs that we couldn’t even get our kids to wear because they said they were uncomfortable and that they hurt.
    I bought these on the recommendation of a friend who has them for her children.
    My kids love them, they are comfortable and they look funky!
    One very happy mum!

  8. Naz

    A good investment for the kids hearing, thanks guys.

  9. Charlie Stein, Sunshine Coast QLD

    My daughter has worn them for 3 firework events, to the monster trucks, whilst my husband mows the lawn (lol), to church and much more.
    A great purchase, thanks Ear Store

  10. Lexie J Perth Wa

    Our kids get a to of use out of these earmuffs, we re very happy with them and would recommend them

  11. Ariel Moore, Kenmore Qld

    My daughter has an auditory processing disorder and we have found earmuffs to be invaluable.
    We’ve now even got our school on board through recommendations from her paediatrician to be able to wear them at school during select times and her literacy, numeracy and attention span have all increased dramatically.

  12. Patrick Silverton

    I sadly suffered from noise induce hearing loss at a younger age.
    I am a huge advocate for hearing protection, especially for children!
    I am very happy with our purchase of the Alpine Muffys for our 3 children.
    highly recommend.

  13. Matthew Griggs

    Great quality and very cute. Fits my daughter really well.

  14. Joshua Storm

    These block a lot more noise than I was expecting which is great! I tried them on myself (although a little tight on my head understandably) and I was pleasantly surprised. What’s more is my son loves them and wants to wear them all the time.

  15. Jessie Snowden

    We bought these for Christmas for our 3 children and they are fantastic.
    We wanted to have them in time for new years eve and our children have used them many times already for christmas fireworks, quad-biking at a farm stay and “helping” my husband do the lawns and whipper snippering.
    Great earmuffs that really block a LOT of sound!

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