Motorcycle Riding

Ear Plugs for Motorbike riders… 

The FACTS About Motorcycle Riding & Hearing Protection  

  • Motor and wind noise are damaging to hearing.
  • Regular noise above 80 decibels will irrevocably lead to hearing damage.
  • Motorcyclists are exposed to noise that exceeds 90 decibels.
  • Hearing loss is permanent!
  • Hearing loss can be prevented… 

Forever Two Wheels! Motorcycle Earplugs reduce road, exhaust and wind noise so you can enjoy your ride and arrive at your destination without aching and or ringing ears. 

  • Don’t forget pillions ears are just as important as your ears and need protection too!
  • Ideal for crusing in your convertible motorcar. 

Standard Ear Plugs are not the same when it comes to riding a motorbike.

Did you know that MotoSafe Ear Plugs are the perfect solution to hearing protection whilst still allowing you to safely hear traffic sounds, emergency vehicles, horns and passengers. 

Protect your ears today! They’re the only ones you’ve got!


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