Plugfone Technology


Noise-Suppressing Technology

SoundSeal noise-suppressing technology minimizes environmental noise to give you an immersive, unparalleled listening experience. It acts as a barrier between you and everything you don’t want to hear, creating an atmosphere singular to you and your music. Consider yourself warned – you may never go back to other earphones, even when you’re not in a loud environment. Available on all Plugfones models.

With SoundSeal, you can safely enjoy your unique, immersive Plugfones listening experience while you work, for as long as you work. All Plugfones models feature SoundSeal technology whether you’re using the ComforTiered Foam Plugs or ComforTiered Silicone Plugs.
Because comfort is key, both are designed to fit all ear types, keep you irritation-free, and be worn for hours at a time. On most models, the foam and silicone plugs are interchangeable and can be replaced when they become dirty or worn out.


Wireless Technology

When you’re working hard, cables and cords can get in the way. With wireless Bluetooth Plugfones, you can listen to what you want while moving how you need to—all while getting crystal-clear audio and bluetooth hearing protection without the tangles. With Bluetooth 4.1, you can listen to a Bluetooth-enabled smart device from at least 33 feet away. Some users have reported a range of over 100 feet with direct line-of-sight. Available on the Liberate 2.0.



Stay comfortable and protected for longer with the NeverOut Battery. Featured on wireless Plugfones, NeverOut gives you up to 12 hours of play time with a full charge. Long-lasting battery life means you can easily get through long days and extended activities without having to stop to recharge. Available on the Liberate 2.0.

Fast Charge

Our wireless Plugfones feature Fast Charge, the technology that gets you two hours of play time on only five minutes of charging. Need your Plugfones fast but they’re low on battery? Fast Charge makes it easy to get moving after only a few minutes, no matter where you’re headed. Available on the Liberate 2.0.


Noise Isolating Mic

When you’re working, you need a microphone that will pick up your voice—and only your voice—when everything else is louder than you are. The IsoTalk is a built-in noise isolating mic that helps reduce noise for phone calls. The mic identifies, isolates, and kills environmental noise so the person on the other end of the call can hear you, not what’s going on around you. Available on the Liberate 2.0 and Guardian Plus.


Easy Access Control

Control your music and manage calls with the Quickdraw Easy Access Control. Ruggedized buttons allow you to play or pause, answer or end calls, adjust volume, progress through songs, and take incoming calls without exposing your ears to unsafe levels of noise. On our wireless models, Quickdraw also features an LED indicator for battery level, Bluetooth connectivity, and call status as well as houses the micro USB charging port. On our wired models, Quickdraw is located close to the 3.5mm jack and therefore your listening device, which lets you easily adjust your listening experience on the go. Available on the Liberate 2.0 and Guardian Plus.

& have rebranded and have now become Sleep and Sound!