Ear Muffs For Kids

Let’s be clear; protecting your child’s hearing must start right away!

The ability to hear things clearly is truly one of life’s greatest blessings, and it is not something that should be taken for granted.

Children are exposed to way too much noise on a daily basis, the sad reality is that exposure to noise, over a period of time, can result in hearing loss.

What can we do? Turn the noise down, limit exposure to noise and of course… protect our ears! Why wouldn’t we, after all they are the only ones that we’ll ever get!

The world is getting LOUDER!!!

Imagine this, you are cooking in the kitchen, you have the blender and the dishwasher going. The television is on whilst the kids are playing on their iPad’s or listening to music or playing video games. Your phone rings, you answer it, you try to turn up the volume to hear the person on the other end only to discover it is already switched to full. NOISE!!!! Argh… some of us don’t have to imagine it because this is what we hear in our homes often.

Concerts and venues playing music are causes of potentially damaging noise.

Worse still, noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) cannot be repaired. Once the damage is done to our children’s ears, or ours that hearing it sadly cannot be restored.

This is especially true when dealing with the delicate ears of a young child, which is why our range of effective ear muffs and ear defence products should be top of every parent’s agenda.

Why Is Ear Protection Needed?

The human ears are truly incredible, and play a central role in our ability to balance as well as our communication. However, we live in a world with greater noise pollution than ever before as items like aeroplanes, drills, music devices, and even hairdryers reach potentially damaging decibel levels.

If your child’s ears are left exposed to those noises for extended periods, it can cause major damage including the onset of tinnitus as well as lost hearing. Besides, the sound of fireworks and other loud items can be quite scary for youngsters too.

Earmuffs are the ideal solution.

Ear Defence Built With Young Ears In Mind

Ear defence tools for young children need to be comfortable, practical, and fun. Here at Sleep and Sound, we pride ourselves in providing the best options on the market.

It’s vital for children to have their own ear muffs as sharing items can lead to ear infections passed on by other wearers.

Our child-friendly earmuffs can be used in an array of situations where noise levels are higher than normal.

Meanwhile, the addition of ear plugs gives you complete control over protecting your son or daughter’s delicate ears.

If you’re still unsure which ear muffs are best for your child’s need, give our friendly team a call today!



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