In 2007 Wendy Eade had reached a stage in her life where she was struggling to get a good night’s sleep due to the symptoms of menopause (www.menopause.org.au).

The conventional womens sleepwear she wore was getting damp which consequently meant changing her nightwear frequently during the night.

One night Wendy decided to wear a sports t-shirt that contained a special fibre called Dri-release® with Freshguard (http://www.drirelease.com/) that wicks away moisture from your body during the course of vigorous exercise.

To Wendys amazement it worked! At last she didn’t have to keep changing her sleepwear in order to be comfortable.

From that conception grew Eaden Sleepwear, feminine designs are made from a beautiful soft fabric; ensuring women can now look and feel great.

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