With the increasing numbers of Covid-19 cases in Australia, all of the uncertainty and home-schooling, and keeping kids entertained can be overwhelming. So, how to Survive Lockdown with the Kids & Keep your Sanity.

What’s more, the frustration and anxiety from the noise of neighbors and their children, knowing that you have nowhere to run to, can also be enough to make you want to scream.

According to medical experts, Covid-19 is sadly causing panic, unrest, and anxiety throughout the country.

In a lockdown, we face the reality of irritating noise from our roommates, flatmates, neighbors, their dogs, and our own and neighboring children.

I once read an article that has always stuck with me; it was titled “Put on your own oxygen mask first” It’s always stood out as a great analogy for me.

In times of crisis, we forget to look after ourselves; it is human nature for many of us. We often put our children, pets, and partners first. Self-care has to be your number one priority.

As the role model for your children, you need to be strong and remain on top of your game. If you get to run down and fall apart, your family, who relies on you, will probably fall apart too.

Self-care can come in many forms, even if you only give yourself 10-15 minutes to do so. Here are some tips to help reset your mind, body, and soul:

  1. Take a Bath or Shower.

To take it to the next level, pour in some bubble bath, light some candles, and put in some earplugs to really relax & block out the world! The best-selling earplugs to block noise and water are Alpine Swim safe. When your body is exposed to warm, soothing water, it releases feel-good endorphins the same way sunshine does when it warms your skin. Oooh, that makes me want to escape and jump in the bath right now for a little peace.

Survive Lockdown

  1. Listen to your Favourite Music

Grab your headphones so that you can block out the world, lay back on the couch, and chill to your favorite tunes. Music helps to take your mind off things and help put you in a better state of mind to invigorate or relax. Better still, check out the awesome Plugfones Bluetooth Headphones with Earplugs. Plugfones are comfortable, noise-reducing earplugs with high-quality audio speakers. The resulting hybrid provides the ultimate hearing protection & listening experience on the market. Perfect for all DIY around the home, working out, snoring partners, mowing the lawn, gardening & much more, or just chillaxin around the house.

  1. Do a Crossword or Puzzle

The best way to take your mind off something is to distract your thoughts in some other way. Crosswords, puzzles, and the like help you keep your mind engaged. If you’re being disturbed by noise from neighbors and or family members, try to seek the quiet of a separate room; if not, pop in your earplugs for some extra calm and quiet. I often go to my Macks Original Soft Foam Earplugs or my reusable Alpine Sleepsoft Earplugs when I want to get away from the world for a while.

Survive Lockdown while at home

  1. Gardening

My all-time favorite place to be is in the garden! Gardening is very therapeutic for many people. Getting outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air has been proven to help reduce depression, stress & anger and help your immunity. Growing your own food can also help you eat healthier.

At least once each weekend, I love to put on my Earmuffs and crank the leaf blower; it always leaves me feeling satisfied. I can happily potter for hours weeding, digging, and pruning. Hubby loves to jump on the ride-on lawnmower (even when our grass doesn’t need mowing because it’s his time alone, away from all distractions, and quiet time away from the kids – haha). He always wears his Plugfone Wireless Headphones with Earplugs to listen to his favorite music. They are awesome because they block the sound and protect your hearing from the mower whilst allowing you to boogie along & stream your top playlist.


  1. Meditation & Yoga

It’s no secret that both meditation and yoga will help place your mind and body in a state of relaxation and calm.

Using an Eye Mask during certain yoga poses can enhance the effectiveness by blocking out distractions to focus more on your inner self.

Meditating in darkness has been used in advanced meditation practices in Tibetan Buddhism & Taoism & by spiritual seekers in dark caves for thousands of years.

Many people love to add aromatherapy to their calming experience and wear the Dream Essentials Aromatherapy Eye Mask. This mask is light and comfortable and further enhances your state of relaxation by omitting a sweet natural aroma of lavender. It also has a contoured design, which means that it removes the pressure from your eyes and allows them to open and close without rubbing against the mask’s inside.

Lady waring mask

  1. Exercise

Put on your runners or favorite comfy shoes and get outside for a walk. Fresh air and sunshine do wonders for the soul. Download a workout that you can do in your living room (there are LOTS of free ones available, all you need to do is search the internet to find them). Bounce on your kids’ trampoline, set a little circuit for yourself, finding things around the home to use as body weights, step-ups, etc. It’s time to get creative! Then crank those tunes! Music reduces stress and increases motivation. If you need to keep the sound down for kids homeschooling, partners working, or to keep the neighbor’s sanity, put on your Music Headphones and bop away! Alpine Party Plugs are great ear plugs for the gym. They have specially designed filters that can block a lot of loud and distracting noise but still maintain the quality and clarity of music, and it’s just like turning down the volume.

Guy doing workout

  1. Take Power Naps

Put in your Earplugs and set a timer so that you can shut off from the world. Many studies have been conducted to help ascertain the perfect timing for a nanna nap & it’s understood that between 10 and 20 minutes of sleep is all you need!Taking longer naps than this can cause you to feel more tired, sluggish & lethargic. With so much noise and added distractions from family members and neighbors, you must make the most of your time and block out all interference. Alpine Sleepsoft plugs are perfect reusable Earplugs for Sleeping and naps and creating peace.

Survive lockdown wearing mask

  1. Continue to Work

Trying to maintain as much of your everyday life as you can. If you are one of the fortunate ones who have been able to keep their job and work from home, know that there will be a juggle of home/work balance. You need to let your children know that you have your workspace and that you need your time and not be interrupted. Put in earplugs and watch your focus and productivity soar!  Macks Dreamgirl Soft Foam Earplugs are specially designed for women and people with smaller ears. A popular earplug for men is Macks Maximum Soft Foam.

Set children up in their own workspaces and ensure that they have their studies, activities, etc., planned to work through things. Even if you do this in 20-30-minute intervals, every little bit helps. Help your children block out frequent distractions with Kids Earmuffs or Earplugs for Children.

Experts say not to try to parent and work at the same time, which means that when you are working, make sure that you commit yourself 100% but also when you are with your family, be mindful also to give them 100% of your time physically, mentally and emotionally. This is why blocking out all distracting noise is crucial in achieving results.

  1. Stay Connected

Try to maintain communication channels with friends, family, and neighbors in your everyday routine. Having a sense of connection and a feeling of community is essential for hope and healing. Stay connected with people via technology – do more video calls, phone friends to catch up, etc. Create WhatsApp, House Party, or Facebook groups; they can be a lot of fun!

Girl wearing headphones