When you heard that you had to stay home in isolation I bet you never thought how noisy isolation would be. With everyone home all at the same time it’s amazing just how much more noisy life is. If it’s not the next door neighbours kids, maybe it’s your own. Maybe it’s all the renovations now taking place. Either way, here’s some ideas to help block the sounds from next door and get some peace again.


  • Soundproof the Walls.

The easiest way to do this is by hanging art, it will help absorb noise and annoying sounds. If you hang a canvas, you could consider putting foam on the underside for extra absorption. You can buy sound-absorbing felt panels or make your own & turn it into a vision board or “where I’ve travelled in the world”

  • Soundproof the Door.

Check that you have good quality weather stripping between your door and the frames, also make sure you have a high-quality draft blocker on the bottom of your door, both will help create a seal when the door is closed.

  • Soundproof the Windows

Sometimes closing all your windows still isn’t enough to block noise.  You can always check (or get a handyman to do so) to make sure that the windows and frames are properly sealed, or you can use a window insert to create more of a noise buffer. But, even easier… Hang some heavy curtains on your windows to help muffle outside noise from disturbing you.

  • Soundproof the Floor/Ceiling

If you have a two-story home or live in an apartment block the sounds from above can drive you crazy, especially if they are wooden or tiled floors. The best sound proof measure is to lay carpet and or rugs to help deaden sound.

If all of these things still do not bring you enough peace and quiet you cannot go past Earplugs and White Noise!

  • Earplugs

Earplugs’ help add calm to anyone’s day especially when it comes to blocking sound from noisy neighbours.

Trying to have any “you time” these days is so difficult. Recharge those batteries, take a deep breath & relax. Grab your favourite book or magazine, pop your earplugs in & switch off from the world for 10 minutes! You’ll be so glad that you did.

Our most popular soft foam disposable earplugs for ladies are Macks Dreamgirls. Women generally have smaller ear canals than men. This is why when you have worn hubbys earplugs from work tin the past they hurt your ears. Men, as a rule, have larger ear canals than women, earplugs are not a one size fits all & they are not meant to hurt!

Dreamgirls are made from hypoallergenic soft rebound foam and due to the hollow cut out they are perfect for side sleepers

We offer a wide range of earplugs to block sounds from your neighbours’ DIY adventures, or to block loud sounds from lawn mowers and leaf blowers or to help you find some solitary time from your neighbouring noisy kids. (Hehehe, or even your own for that matter)

For any men looking to unwind and switch off the brain, you need to check out Macks Ultra Soft Foam Earplugs provide a high noise reduction rating (NRR) of 32 decibels, these quality ear plugs are the number one choice for blocking noise to chill out or get some much needed sleep.

The Best Reusable Earplugs!

Whether you’ve had a hard day at the office, are trying to work from home or have had your quota of noise from the kids for the day and just need to press the reset button. Many choose to go for our number one best-selling earplug Alpine Sleepsoftnot only are these the best reusable earplug for sleeping, but they are the perfect choice for blocking out any noise day or night.

  • White Noise

Millions of people the world over have discovered white noise for blocking sound and getting them some peace and quiet and they have never looked back!

If you can’t tackle the above soundproofing projects to beat noisy neighbours, hands down your best option is to get yourself a white noise machine! Coupled with earplugs this combination will not prove you wrong.

Not only is white noise the best way to help babies stay asleep but it is also the perfect solution to help to drown out unwanted noise. White Noise Machines help to create a soothing sound in any room throughout the day or night to block annoying babble from neighbours so that you can concentrate, relax or sleep.


& have rebranded and have now become Sleep and Sound!